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It seemed that the hard work would not end.

And what made it even more difficult was the elusive payday.

But that didn’t stop the ‘powers’ from demanding that we meet the strict deadline.

That’s why I kept working on the unfinished work… the unfinished work.

But the more I kept going, the less inspired I felt.

The ‘money’ was not coming soon.

In fact, I wasn’t even sure it would come.

Such is the plight of ‘part-time lectures’ at some of our public (and even private) universities.

To say that universities are capable of providing quality education is not really correct.


Because many of them neglect some of the most important employees…

Part-time workers.

But it’s not an indictment on all universities

There are some who still do a respectable job of motivating their part-timers.

You see, nothing motivates quite like a financial reward.

But what happens when no motivation is present?

What happens when the demand for work is met with no incentives on the horizon?

Well, I remember a quote from famous conservationist David Attenborough:

‘Deserts demand so much, yet those who live there get little benefit.’ (translated).

Deserts exist not only in the wild but are alive and kicking in some of our universities.

So this is a note to salute those part time lecturers who put in hours without pay.

It is a note to appreciate those who are paid less or not paid at all for their work.

“What is passion?” you can ask.

If you are paid to work, you probably have a passion.

But even if you don’t get paid yet do a good job, surely you have a passion for what you do.

Such employers (especially universities) should consider two important points before employing ‘cheap labour’ in the name of part-time lecturers:

First of all, nothing motivates quite like working for your hard earned money.

They need to financially reward their part-time employees if they need to stay in the game of providing quality.

The interesting thing is that the reward shouldn’t be huge…the transportation, lunch allowance is good for starters.

(Is this too much to ask?)

Second, it doesn’t hurt to pay part-time employees at least at the end of each semester.

The illusion that universities are not fluid enough to do so does not hold.

Expenses are allowed for non-essential activities like heavy allowances for some staff members.

Yet money is not available to pay part-time workers.

Cash tight or lack of priority or worse…

Corruption and embezzlement?

We live in a world that is driven by finance.

Expecting people to provide quality and yet depriving them of their pay is unpleasant.

If universities expect quality teaching, they must be prepared to pay for it.


#just sayin

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