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Amazing Kawai Helicopter and Pali Beach Tour (Doors Lost!)


Amazing Kawai on the Kawai Beach Line
Kawai, Hawaii

One of the best ways to see the Hawaiian Islands is by air, and a visit to the Kawai Helicopters outside Na-Pali Beach is an amazing aerial photography experience!

If you haven’t heard yet, I absolutely love helicopters. I really wanted to be a helicopter pilot as a kid (Okay, I probably still do).

So on a recent trip to the island of Hawaii Kawai, I could not pass up the opportunity Fly on the island’s famous Na Pali beach helicopter!

It can rise from the sky, hover over landscapes, and take off and land anywhere – helicopters are great

Helicopter tours can be expensive, but some places have been photographed like helicopters Grand Canyon, New York City, And, for example, the Cape.

For more adrenaline blasts, the doors were closed and we decided to visit a Kawai helicopter!

Kawai Helicopter Tour Guide

Jack Harter Helicopter Tour
Ride our Hug 500 helicopter (no doors!)
Helicopter cockpit
In Cockpit

Best helicopter tours in Kauai

Doors-off tour

Anna and I decided to book a 60 minute open door helicopter tour Jack Harter Helicopters. Only 2 companies offer this in Kawai, the other Mana Loa Helicopters. Great for photographers, because there is no obstacle in the way of your bullets. But you are exposed to the atmosphere!

Doors-on tour

Many people prefer to fly through the door in the usual way. It is a little relaxed, and not as cold as the wind. There is a great helicopter tour of Waimea Canyon and Na Pali beach covering all the highlights. ያግኙ Find it here

Sight plane

If you are traveling to Kawai on a budget, but still want to fly on the Na Pali beach, the cheapest option is to book a Na Pali tour flight for less than $ 200 by helicopter. ያግኙ Find it here

There are some great things to see in Kauai that I would definitely recommend the 60-minute option over short flights.

An hour may seem like a lot, but when you have fun, it passes quickly!

Beautiful Waimea Canyon

Flying over Waimea Canyon
Red and green colors of Waimea Canyon
Doors outside of helicopter travel
Kawai beauty above
Waimea Canyon Waipo'o fallfall t
Wipo Waterfall Te (800 feet tall!)

After leaving Lehu Airport, our Kawai helicopter adventure began to fly to Wamea Canyon – the Grand Canyon of the Pacific (thank you Mark Twain!).

At 14 miles[14 km]and one mile wide, Waima Canyon is one of Kawai’s favorite destinations. It was different to fly over a helicopter when you could ride and walk on the walls of the valley!

It is made up of steep, rocky cliffs with orange, red, and green hues. The canyon basically covers the entire western side of the island – as well as the 45-mile walk.

It is the highlight Waipo’o fallfall t, A huge 800-foot water tower. Every Kawai helicopter tour has two lanes, so everyone has the opportunity to take photos.

Kawai Best Waterfes Above!

Kawai Garden Island Forest
Welcome to Garden Island
Jurassic Park fallfall in Kauai
Manawaipana – Jurassic Park fallfall t
Flying past Waterfes
So the doors are off and cold!

There are so many falls on Kawai! You can only encounter some of them from the ground. But then you can really appreciate the best wateralls on the island.

Our Kawai helicopter took over Hanapepe ValleyThe home of the famous Jurassic Park fallfall.

It is the name of Hawaii Manawapi and allsalls t, The same 400-foot fallfall T that was often seen in the first 1993 Jurassic Park movie.

Each of the valleys we flew to seemed to have some sort of huge fallfall T (or 10)!

Amazing on Pali Beach

Pali Beach Line Hawaii
Heaven and Earth on Earth
Kawai Helicopter and Pali
Helicopter on the coast of Kauai
Under the boats is a boat
See the boat below?

Next came the most amazing part of our helicopter flight. Amazing Kawai In Pali Beach State Park On the northern tip of the island.

Often regarded as the most beautiful part of the “Hawaiian Islands,” Na Pali (meaning “rocks”) is a 17-mile-long lush green cliff and hedgehog.

Pure white sandy beaches show the boundaries between land and ocean. The water is a deep turquoise blue.

Watch out for “cathedrals”, the marvelous edge of the knife edge.

And this is where Kalalau Trail There is a 2-3 day hike and camping trip on the coast of Kawai.

Mount Walelele “The Walls of Mourning

Wayalele Waterfes Kawai
Powerful districts above the sky
Kawai Helicopter Adventure
Entering the rainy canyon
Mountain Valley Waterfall T.
Looking up at the “weeping wall”

Finally, to the rainy Hanley Valley Mount Waiʻaleʻale volcano, One of the wettest places on earth.

It is a place where more than 20 different falls fall into the river at the bottom of the longest volcanic trails.

The weather here is often bad, and today is no different. Willyll’s summit is held only 20 days a year.

We flew under the clouds, and headed for the rain and near the “weeping wall” itself. The doors were cold, windy, and wet!

If you want to take a hard walk in Kauai, you can walk to this water wall, sometimes called Blue Hall Walk. It’s a hard (and wet) day trip.

Helicopter photography tips
How to take photos from helicopter

Helicopter photography tips

When I love mine Mavic 2 Pro Drone, Aerial photography with helicopter doors are fun! But it can also be difficult.

Use the previous mode of Shatter

I am a fan of taking photos in hand mode. But in some cases, things are moving too fast. Here is the helicopter photography. I generally recommend keeping your shutter speed at 1/1200 (or more) to keep your images from blurring. Auto ISO is just as convenient!

Stay away from fire!

Take as many photos as possible in fast fire mode. Helicopter tours can move fast, and there is often little time to adjust your rhythm. You need to work fast, and take photos of TONS. Make sure you have an extra battery and a large (also fast) memory card that can handle all images.

Polarizer and lens shield

If the doors are on and you are flying in a helicopter, you will need to shoot through the windows. This glass causes unwanted flashes and glare. Using a polarizer filter and lens cover can help reduce this.

Camera gear

If you are lucky enough to own two camera units, I recommend bringing two. One wide-angle lens (about 16-35mm), and another by phone magnification (about 70-200mm). If you can only bring one camera / lens, choose something in the middle, such as 24-70mm.

Helicopter tours in Hawaii
Anna is ready to go!

Additional Hawaii Helicopter Advice

Helicopter safety

Over the past few years, there have been some high profile celebrities Helicopter tour hazards, Some doors closed. However, I consider them to be very rare, like plane crashes.

That means many helicopter tour companies have begun to prevent you from getting your hands and feet out of open doors. When I was allowed to do this in New CCC, we were unable to travel by Kawai helicopter. Always listen to your pilot!

how much does it cost?

Helicopter tours in Kawai can cost money Between $ 250 – $ 400 per person anywhere, Depends on the length of the trip, the type of helicopter and the company.

Great time for helicopter trip

Kawai is not called a garden island for no reason! The winters here can be very wet and stormy. So winter is generally the best time of the year for a helicopter tour. You have more opportunities for good weather.

In terms of light, the Na Pali coast is northwest of the island, and the sun hits the mountains in the afternoon. It is a good time to go before sunset. ★

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I hope you enjoyed my guide to helicopter tours in Kawai! I hope we found it useful. Here are a few more travel-inspiring articles that I recommend reading next:

Do you have questions about Kawai Island helicopter tours? Have you ever been in a helicopter? Leave me a message in the comments below!

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