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Amazing yacht adventures around the world


Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been fascinated by seas and boats, and am in awe of the vast expanse of water that seems never-ending. idea to search islands of the world Ever since my best friend started working in the industry, yachts have gotten even more lucrative, even though she tells me it’s far from life ‘under deck’ you would believe.

As a head hostess, she has been fortunate enough to cross the world visiting wonderful places for her job. For those of us who don’t have the sea as our office, there are so many incredible options available for exploring the seven seas on our next vacation.

Of course, the cost of taking a yacht charter is expensive, but there are plenty of group tours available – and once you take into account that your accommodation is bundled into the trip price, it seems like a more palatable option cost-wise. . It’s always worth taking a look at the environmental credentials of any trip you choose.

Here are some of my favorite destinations I’ve ever visited, and some dream trips too, all of which are best explored with the freedom of sailing in the ocean.

Korcula Island, Croatia


In the summer months I can’t believe you can do better than exploring Europe’s islands, from the UNESCO vineyards in Portugal to the never-ending sandy beaches of Croatia, here are my top three!

Cruise the Croatian Coastline

Ever since I’ve backpacked across Croatia, all the way from Dubrovnik to Slovenia, I’ve promised myself that one day I’ll return to the ship along the coast.

a . There are over 700 islands to explore Croatia island ferry tour, made even more attractive by the fact that the most popular cities to visit are directly on the coast, such as Split or Zadar. Interestingly, Dubrovnik is also actually separated from the rest of the country by a small strip of coastline of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Some of my favorite islands I’ve visited include Hvar, the island of the rich and famous, where I enjoyed great scuba-diving, and Korcula, a relaxing getaway where the medieval walled city known as ‘Little Dubrovnik’ Yes, included.

Island hopping around Greece

You may not consider a yacht trip to Europe nor the thought of Greece, where about 6000 islands await.

Yacht tour and charter options around Greece focus on a particular group of islands, such as the Cyclades or the Dodecanese Islands, each of them offering something a little different, whether it’s exploring the likes of volcanic craters Nisyros, or kicking back on the golden sand.

Of course, there are popular options like Santorini in the Southern Cyclades, but by choosing to sail around the islands instead of staying on one, you can avoid the crowds a bit more with a more remote getaway, combining the most famous islands. . I’ve started planning my sailing trip around Greece next year, you can see how I’m putting it together Here.

Azores Peak
View of Pico Island, Azores

Sail Around Portugal’s Volcano Azores

Some of the outermost islands in Europe are the Azores, an archipelago of islands belonging to Portugal.

While the waters are considered choppy in the winter months, chartering a yacht around the main nine islands in the summer months is a pleasure, and since ferry and flight options to get around the islands are already quite expensive, It may almost be more cost-effective to travel this way. If you want to spend a little bit of time on the islands, you would do better to see a small group of islands than all of them.

Highlights include watching dolphins and whales from the boat, hiking the highest mountain in Portugal on Pico, visiting the lush green-ended volcanic craters and lakes with waterfalls in Flores or watching the bright blue hydrangeas that cover So Miguel. Includes hiking.

Three dolphins jumping out of the water in Dominica
playful dolphin


There are countless options for sailing expeditions across America, from snowy getaways in the Far South and North to tropical sailing around the Caribbean, here are some picks to inspire you.

Go Wild for Wildlife Among the Galapagos Islands

You can’t mention a sailing charter around the continent without considering one Boat tour around the Galapagos IslandsReally incredible experience and top of my bucket list.

This stunning archipelago in Ecuador is a haven for eco-tourism and ancient wildlife, such as giant tortoises, penguins, and land iguanas.

Starting primarily in the center of San Cristóbal Island, there are several boating options that you can explore the surrounding islands, ranging from a few days, to a week or two-week trip to countless different islands. Obviously, the longer you stay, the more likely you are to be. To see a diverse range of wildlife.

Discover the Caribbean’s Nature Island Dominica

I absolutely fell in love with dominica, the land of mountains, rainforests and waterfalls – and the least touched by tourism in the Caribbean.

While cruise ships call into Dominica, it is a less popular port of call and due to the rugged landscape of the island most day-trips offered to larger ships focus on one part of the nation. Going on a small yacht charter will give you more choice and freedom to visit the island’s top destinations – such as canyoning or hiking along never-ending trails with rare bird sightings. Of course, you also have amazing scuba-diving and whale spotting from the boat.

Dominica is commonly visited as part of ferry itineraries that also include the likes of St. Kitts, Antigua or Guadeloupe, however, private charters are available for those who wish to have an extended stay in Dominica and various parts of the island. want to visit.

A King Penguin Colony at Volunteer Point
A King Penguin Colony on the Falkland Islands

Meet all the penguins in the Falkland Islands

Not quite Antarctica, but penguins filled Falkland Islands Provide an incredible, and remote, wildlife-focused getaway.

I loved my time in the Falkland Islands, where the vast remote islands are inhabited by penguins and sheep rather than people. The capital city of Stanley is the starting point for most trips, and of course, there are larger ships that can be taken to other destinations such as the South Georgia Islands or even Antarctica.

A standard 14-day itinerary will loop around the outer islands, such as Weddell or Caracas Island with penguin sightings, or West Point Island, where an incredible array of albatross colonies await.


While I haven’t been lucky enough to explore Africa on any sailing trip yet, I do have a few trips I dream of taking – hopefully one day I’ll get to explore one or more of the below. You will get option.

A typical beach in Mauritius

Take a Catamaran Cruise Around Mauritius

I absolutely loved Mauritius and wanted to know more about this magnificent nation. The beaches are not only sublime, but there is an abundance of other reasons to go to Mauritius – From cultural and religious attractions to delicious snacks and waterfall markets.

A catamaran sailing trip around Mauritius will give you the chance to see different parts of the island, enjoy the crystal clear waters to snorkel. Some sailors may also take the opportunity to visit other nearby islands such as Reunion or Rodrigues.

Explore the Islands of Madagascar

An absolute dream of mine is to explore Madagascar, see lemurs, see the baobab trees that tower in the sky, and admire the colorful chameleons.

Madagascar isn’t just the main island, although there are other smaller islands you can explore on yacht charters, all of which offer something special. Ankazoberavina sits in a nature reserve, and sea turtles are in abundance here, while Nosy Tanikely Marine Reserve offers one of the most diverse diving sites in the world to enjoy underwater. Traveling to the smaller islands will also give you a chance to enjoy the local cuisine and visit villages.

Asia Pacific

If there are two continents that really lend themselves to a sailing adventure it is Asia and the Pacific. From countless islands in the Pacific, like Samoa or the Cook Islands, to the incredible archipelago in southern Myanmar or India, you’re spoiled for choice. Below are some of my favorite trips.

Raja Ampat |
Welcome to Raja Ampat: Real Life Screensavers

Travel to a real life paradise in Raja Ampati

when i visited Raja Ampat | About eight years ago I was feeling like the luckiest person in the world, this ancient paradise really felt like being in a desktop screensaver.

At the time, your options for visiting the islands were more restrictive, though nowadays there are a whole host of options for visiting these islands, for better or worse – but checking the environmental credentials of what you sail with is essential Because there have been big reports of ships damaging corals and reefs.

Small live-aboard sailing yachts are a more sensible option. Scuba diving here is an absolute dream, and staying aboard a live-aboard will allow you to enjoy the most amazing scuba everyday, as well as see amazing sights like remote islands or the famous view at Pianemo.

Jump Around Japan’s Unforgettable Islands

Taking a sailing adventure to Japan gives you the chance to see a completely different side of the country. While a city trip to Tokyo can be all about high speed and modern scenery, the islands offer a more traditional feel.

sado islandThere is, for example, an old gold mining outpost, where you can now tour these historic mines and see where much of the country’s wealth comes from. There are plenty of other things to enjoy here, from rare birdlife to a traditional tub boat ride in the harbor.

Further south, Shikoku is one of the main islands of Japan, consisting of four separate provinces. Here you’ll also find more than 80 Buddhist temples, a vast pilgrimage route of astonishingly clear waters and inland rivers, and some amazing water-focused activities, such as unique deep-sea healing spas. Kochi, an area that I absolutely fell in love with.

private island fijio
private islands in fiji

Flit Around Fiji’s Many Islands

There are countless options for Exploring the Pacific Islands – whether it’s the wildlife-filled islands of Australia or the more remote outposts.

Fiji is one of those ideal places to kick back and relax, and have a great time when I located myself in Nadi Day Trips to the Fiji IslandsSailing on a yacht would have been much easier than sailing back and forth.

The stunning Yasawa Islands, an archipelago of volcanic islands with amazing sandbars and snorkeling options, would be my suggested starting point, and I hope to have a chance to visit these gorgeous places when I return to Fiji.

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