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Amazon employee infected by coronavirus


Amazon is notifying employees that one of its Seattle-based employees has been diagnosed with the coronavirus.

An employee infected with the novel coronavirus became ill on February 25 and has not returned to work since that time, according to a mass email to all staff members in Seattle and Bellevue, Washington.

The company said it has directly informed all co-workers who were in close contact with the patient. According to the email, the employee was based at the downtown office building, which the company refers to as Amazon Brazil.

An Amazon spokesperson confirmed the authenticity of the email to CNN, saying, “We are supporting the affected employee.”

It was not immediately clear whether the case was included in the count of coronavirus patients in Washington state’s King County, which stood at 21 on Monday.

a worker on heroine in the office Seattle have tested positive for coronavirus, the deadline confirmed Tuesday evening.

The employee does not work at the company’s headquarters, but works in Amazon’s office building in Seattle, Brazil. CNBC Reported.

“The employee went home feeling unwell on Tuesday, February 25, and has not entered Amazon offices since that time,” Amazon said in a memo to employees. The company asked anyone experiencing symptoms to stay home and seek medical help.

until Tuesday evening, the death toll The number of coronavirus cases in the US had climbed to nine, with more than 100 cases reported across the country.

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