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Amwins Global Risks added to the roster


Johnson, former Head of International Casualty at Miller Insurance Services, will lead casualty development at Mvins Global Risks, focusing on the United States, Canada and Australia. Ritson, who switched from AFL Insurance Brokers, is in charge of enhancing the group’s continued investments in global energy.

In the Netherlands, Evaud Decker is recruited from the Nationale Nederlanden. In addition to the local market, their focus will include Belgian and Dutch-speaking regions in the Caribbean.

“As we continue to expand our product expertise and serve our customers in large risk, commercial markets, we anticipate incredible growth opportunities here and abroad,” said Matthew Crane, Chief Executive Officer of Amvins Global Risks. (pictured). “We are proud to welcome Phil, Mark and Ewood to the team.

“All are high-achieving, top performers, and we look forward to the impact they will have on the firm as a whole. We are attracting some of the best talent in the industry, creating partnerships that care about our customers.” continue to do and develop our business.

Amwins Global Risks is primarily based in the London insurance and reinsurance market, serving clients and markets in the UK and internationally through its network of offices around the world.

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