An authority offers jobs for young citizens in 5 specialties

A government agency in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has announced that there are a number of vacancies for recent graduates from the country’s citizens, in five vocational specializations, the first of which is “Human Resources”, for holders of a degree specializing in human resources or equivalent, and none experience is required, and the other is “Strategy”. To have a degree in strategy or strategic communication or equivalent, without the required experience. The list of required disciplines also included “performance and quality control” for holders of a certificate in performance control or equivalent, without requiring any experience, other than a job in “plant management” for holders of a scientific qualification “environmental science”, emphasizes that salaries will be determined during the job interview. While the company offered a job in the field of “information and communication technology” for citizens with a bachelor’s degree or higher in any specialty in information and communication technology, with an experience of 2-10 years, and invite those who want to apply for employment to send supporting documents to the e-mail


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