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Anas Sarwar plans UK Labor return to power despite Holyrood’s failure


Anas Sarwar has started a new group to help UK Labor return to power despite his party’s worst result ever in Holyrood.

The Scottish Labor leader was ridiculed after announcing a new “Labour Leaders Forum” for national and regional leaders to “strengthen the bonds of the United Kingdom and deliver a Labor government”.

He said it would reaffirm Labor’s rejection of both “divisive nationalism and Tory ideology”.

The Glasgow MSP also said the group would allow Labor’s leadership to speak with “a clear voice about the change the party could bring to communities”, with recent internal criticism that UK leader Keir Starmer was a Struggles to clear the vision.

Opposition parties, however, said Mr Sarwar could hardly offer winning tips, as Scottish Labor hit a new low in Holyrood last month by losing vote share and two more MSPs.

The party, which won 56 out of 129 seats in 1999, now has only 22 seats.

Mr Sarwar’s platform will bring together six leaders and deputies from the UK, Scottish and Welsh Labor parties, as well as eight mayors and metro mayors from the party in England.

Mr Sarwar said it would meet quarterly to enable key Labor politicians to learn from “the successes and challenges of the election campaign” to improve campaigning.

He has invited Mr Starmer and his deputy Angela Rainer, Welsh First Minister Mark Drakeford and his party’s deputy Caroline Harris, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham and Liverpool City Area Metro Mayor Steve Rotherham.

Also being asked to participate are Stacy Brabin, Dan Norris, Jamie Driscoll. Dan Jarvis and Nick Johnson, Mayors of West Yorkshire, West of England, North of Tyne, Sheffield City Area and Cambridgeshire and Peterborough respectively.

Under the plan, each quarterly meeting will be hosted by a different leader in a different part of the UK.

In his letter of invitation to colleagues, Mr Sarwar said: “We reject divisive nationalism and Tory ideology that seeks to isolate communities, as we believe in solidarity among every community in the UK.

“People of Sheffield have the same aspirations as their families and people in Glasgow, Swansea or London, and we want every part of our country to be the best place to grow up and the best place to grow old.

“So coming together we can learn from Mark Drakeford how Welsh Labor produced the sensational result to keep us in power at Cardiff Bay.

“We can learn from Andy Burnham’s bid to end the slumber on the streets of Manchester.

“We can learn from Sadiq Khan how to bring our diverse communities closer together. And we can learn how Labor is transforming towns and cities in places like Preston.

“I believe this platform is an opportunity to strengthen our party, which in turn will strengthen the bonds of the United Kingdom and help deliver a Labor government led by Keir Starmer that will support every community in the UK. will change.”

Mr Sarwar said the opening ceremony should be hosted by Ms Brabin, allowing those who are personally able to “hit the door” at the Batley & Spain Westminster by-election.

Ms. is defending a 3,525 majority over the Labor Tories in the by-election that began with the election as mayor of Brabin.

The party has chosen Kim Leadbetter, the sister of Joe Cox, for a July 1 vote.

Cox, who won the seat, was assassinated in 2016 by right-wing terrorist Thomas Mayer.

Mr. Sarwar’s proposal has also come from Gordon Brown to further his work in defense of the Union.

The former Labor PM relaunched his thinktank Our Scottish Future as a pro-UK campaign movement aimed at attracting voters from ‘central Scotland’.

He also had a controversial meeting with Prince William at Holyroodhouse last week, with Alba leader Alex Salmond criticizing the “poor decision” on both sides.

SNP MSP Rona McKay said: “The way the SNP is working to take over the Scottish Government” Scotland In his recovery from the pandemic, Anas Sarwar is being distracted trying to settle discord in the Labor Party.

“If senior Labor politicians are looking for someone to give them tips on winning elections, Anas Sarwar is not the person he should turn to, as he led Labor to their worst results in the Holyrood election last month. did.”

Tory MSP Russell Findlay said: “For the fifth consecutive Scottish Parliament election, Labor went behind and lost seats.

“With his party headed for the worst ever result in Scotland, Anas Sarwar definitely needs help from someone.

“He has been coordinating with the SNP for months and is now trying to forge closer ties with the Red Nationalists in Wales. Throughout Scotland and the UK, workers are increasingly out of touch with the needs of working class people By sitting on the fence and refusing to take a side, they are becoming increasingly irrelevant.

“While Scottish Conservatives are working across the country on building Scotland’s real alternative to the SNP, Labor is turning inward and desperately trying to fix its broken, aimless party.”

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