Andrew Garfield reveals why his life is now ‘completely different’

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Andrew Garfield becomes honest about his perspective on life.

The 38 year old tick, tick … BOMM! Star opened in an interview with GQ.

Here’s what he has to say …

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Back to the world of celebrities Spider-Man: “A lot has changed since then. Like losing my mom, and my psyche is being reorganized by that completely. And life takes on a very different tone and texture and color. And my inner being is very different. Things taste different. Hear. Smell. It’s all different. Nothing is the same. ”

To find work that gives him meaning: “I find spiritual persecution the only persecution, really, for me. And that’s with my work and so on. There’s an acute awareness of just the ephemeral nature of this. And that’s what makes all the sense. I think the ‘. “Thinking about what’s going on behind the scenes is the only thing that interests me.”

On the power of art: “The thing is, when you read a large piece of literature and you feel like the author is taking her hand through and laying it on you and saying, ‘Me too’ – it’s that feeling … that existential anxiety dissolves, and you remember all of a sudden on your property.You suddenly remember that you deserve to be here.There is nothing like “earn”, actually. Earning is a construct. We are here. And we should be here. And so let’s be full here. “

Look at what the critics are saying now tick, tick … BOMM!

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