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Andrew Lloyd Webber ‘must follow the rules’, says minister as he warns of ‘cautious approach’ on June 21


aIf scouts should resume on June 21, the World Health Organization’s special envoy on COVID-19, Dr David Nabarro, said: “Life has to go on and the last thing any of us want is to restrict people.” Their lives may be needed but this virus has not gone away.

“And in some ways it’s cryptic and just waiting to strike again.

“I want to suggest to everyone, please be really careful – by all means, governments should issue restrictions, but it’s really up to people everywhere to try and reduce the amount of contact with others. Settle your life to wear a face mask and just keep on that protection.”

He added: “It can’t be just about restrictions – it is essential for the future of humanity that we adapt our lifestyles so that we can stop this virus from spreading.

“We know that the virus is constantly changing, which means that although vaccination is a wonderfully wonderful asset, it will not be enough.

“We have to continue to behave as if the virus is an ever-present threat.

“So by all means, let go of the restrictions, but at the same time I can encourage everyone, everywhere to behave with caution.

“At school, at university, at pubs, at restaurants, at social clubs, the virus is still going to be around and it can come back very, very fast.”


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