Home Entertainment Andy Cohen finally addresses Simon Gowdia about Porsha Williams’ sudden engagement

Andy Cohen finally addresses Simon Gowdia about Porsha Williams’ sudden engagement


Roommates, it seems that in reality everyone has shared their views on the story with ‘Atlanta Real Housewives’ star Porsha Williams and her co-star Flanagan Goubadia’s expatriate husband and Bravo chief Andy Cohen. . Andy Cohen was asked by a viewer on the last episode of his nightly talk show ‘Watch What’s Lives’ about what he thought of Porsche’s new relationship breaking the internet, and he appeared as shocked as everyone else.

There are RHOA fans Being speculated Porsche Williams’ ‘Out-of-the-Blue Involvement’ for his story on the show’s upcoming season – this is exactly what Andy Cohen thought.

In response to a question about his views on the growing drama, Andy said, “I think it’s wild, man. I’m staying. I can’t wait to learn more. That’s what I think.”

Following News New Lex, Kenya Moore and Marlowe Hampton, News Ltd.’s latest Bravo personality is Andy Cohen, who all went on social media with their opinions.

As we have said before, Simon Guobadia applauded a woman’s recent claim that he was dating her as soon as his relationship with Porsche began and that he offered her a few thousand dollars to prove to anyone.

“Let’s have fun. If anyone can show credible receipts to my ex-wife between 6/14/2019 (date of marriage) and 1/15/2021 (date of initial divorce filing) I’m waiting for you $ 50,000

In the meantime, we have timeline issues with someone claiming that our couple Porsche dated me at the same time. I have an extra ,000 25,000 for any receipts that show that this actually happened. Let’s get some information. “

With all the drama running with RHO, next season it will probably start filming very soon for all the captures.

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