May 9, 2021


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Andy Ruiz Jr is ruled out early but defeats Chris Areola by UD (video)

The heavyweight boxing match between Andy Ruiz Jr and Chris Areola exceeded all expectations. Areola spooked Ruiz early on, but that wasn’t enough to win.

heavy weight boxer And earlier Unified heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz Jr. ended his 17-month layoff on May 1 when he met Chris Areola at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California. Ruiz was the favorite, but Areola threw him for an early intimidation.

Ruiz participated in the fighting at A. Trim 256 pounds. He’s still in his prime at age 31, but Areola was working against him at the age of 40. However, the older man came in The lightest weight in his career At 228 pounds, which made a difference for the elderly veteran.

Ruiz dominated the action in the first round, but the round things changed dramatically in the second round. Ruiz got to his feet and tried to get rid of him but was wounded again by Arreola moments before the bell.

Areola carried that momentum to the third round. Ruiz had on two occasions struck a left hook that Ruiz advanced. Ruiz’s chin and recovery abilities showed up as he returned in the last 30 seconds.

Chris Areola had Andy Ruiz Jr. got in trouble early on, but Ruiz came back to win

Arreola continued to shine well in rounds 4 and 5, but they were tough to score. The tide changed in the sixth round. Ruiz’s quick hands begin to score on Areola. Arreola was moving forward, and Ruiz responded well. Ruiz’s tour was straightforward.

Ruiz continued to grow in success in the following rounds. Ruiz hit Areola in Round 8 with a strange right hook in the back, numbing the Areola’s arm. Obviously, he flinched and tried to get rid of it.

Ruiz’s accuracy has captured the battle. By the ninth round, he had collected over 40 more connected punches than Arreola in combat. This trend continued for the remainder of the match.

Ruiz cruised for the rest of the battle. He tried to get Arreola out of there in round 12, but Arreola’s chin and heart kept him in the competition. Areola looked great early on, but the younger Ruiz recovered and pressed into action for most of the fight.

The judges returned scores from 117-110 and two from 118-109, all for Ruiz. Ruiz is back on the right track since then Loss of Anthony Joshua In the rematch and looks set to make some noise in the heavyweight division.