May 9, 2021


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Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Chris Areola – Updates, results, and highlights

Former Unified Heavyweight Champion Andy Ruiz Jr. will return to the boxing ring on Saturday in his first fight in over a year when he faces former title competitor Chris Areola at Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California.

Ruiz (33-2, 22 KOs) last fought in December 2019 when he failed to defend his WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO titles against Anthony Joshua. He lost his decision unanimously in the highly anticipated rematch at Diriyah Arena in Ad Diriyah, Saudi Arabia. The fight came six months after Ruiz shocked the world and stopped Joshua in the seventh round to become the united champion and pays Joshua his first defeat as a professional.

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Since the loss, Ruiz has chosen to leave longtime coach Manny Robles and join Eddie Renoso, who also coaches Canelo Alvarez, Oscar Valdes and Ryan Garcia. Not only that, but Ruiz has lost quite a bit of weight and looks like he’s in the best shape of his life heading into a fight with Arreola.

Arreola (38-6-1, 33 KOs, two matches without two competitions) has long been a fan favorite because of its all-around style. Unfortunately for him, he often lacked championship opportunities with Deontay Wilder, Berman Steveren, Thomas Adamame and Vitali Klitschko losing. The 40-year-old knows that now or he can never get another chance at a tournament. Can he get rid of distress?

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Results of Andy Ruiz Jr. vs Chris Areola

Round 7 (12:11 AM): Arreola doesn’t throw a lot of punches and allows Ruiz to take tours of the activity. They exchange punches. Ruiz with a body head combination. Ruiz with a mix of ulcers Areola takes it well but offers nothing in return. The activity from Ruiz gives him preference. 10-9 Ruiz (67-65 Ruiz)

Round 6 (12:07 AM): Ruiz opens VI with a powerful combination of three punches. Right Hand by Arreola. The left hook of Ruiz supports the Arreola. Another three-punch combination by Ruiz. Ruiz descends into the body, but Areola interferes with her right hand. Ruiz began to gain strength and tours. 10-9 Ruiz (57-56 Ruiz)

Round 5 (12:03 AM): Areola sneaks with his right hand for a minute on the tour. He feels as though they’re both waiting for each other to make a mistake. Arreola finds Ruiz’s face with her stiff right hand. Large left and right combination of Ruiz. Arreola causes Ruiz to sniff on his big right hand. The tour is close by but Ruiz being more active will give him the tour. 10-9 Ruiz (47-47)

Round 4 (11:59 PM): Ruiz opens IV with a mixture but Areola takes it well. Arreola awaits the opening and cuts Ruiz with his right hand. Ruiz stick to the flesh. Directly by Ruiz. Much better tour by Ruiz. 10-9 Ruiz (38-37 Areola)

Round Three (11:55 PM): Arreola opens and cracks Ruiz again! Ruiz gets hurt! What the hell is going on ?? Arreola finds out Ruiz hurting him as he pleases. Right Hand by Arreola is similar to a Heat Search Rocket. Ruiz with a group pushes Arreola back. Ruiz with his short left hand which stunned Areola but fired with his right hand that stunned Ruiz. This is a great fight. 9-10 Areola (29-27 Areola)

Round 2 (11:51 PM): Not much happens in the first minute for Arreola to drop his tough right hand and drop Ruiz! Ruiz got back to his feet and they hit him for a short time. Ruiz appears to be putting his legs under him. Left hook by Ruiz land and Arreola releases a tricky mix that seems to hurt Ruiz! Stop. What a second run by Arreola. 8-10 Areola (19-18 Areola)

The first round (11:47 PM): Ruiz starts pressing right away. Arreola with a body shot and Ruiz returns with a mix. The straight right hand lands for Ruiz. Ruiz shakes the flesh. Fast and Hard Right Hand by Ruiz. It is sharp. Ruiz’s hands seem so quick. To be counted, Areola was in good defensive form. But this was Ruiz’s tour. (10-9 Ruiz)

11:40 PM: Both fighters are in the ring and it’s time for a heavyweight fight.

11:28 PM: The main event is coming as the prospective Andy Ruiz Jr. returns to the boxing ring to face Chris Areola in a fight that is sure to be an all-out battle.

11:17 pm: Abel Ramos escapes with this battle, completely breaking Figueroa. Ramos’ commitment to the body began to pay off in the sixth round, and a brutal physical attack pushed Figuero into his corner as he spit out blood. His corner had no choice but to stop the fighting. A stunning victory for Ramos and an absolute defeat for a former famous. The Ramos family had a wonderful night.

11:06 PM: After three rounds, Ramos is strong and consistent enough to give Figueroa some trouble. Figueroa tries to be cunning but Ramos does not fall into any of his traps. He had a tough time in the first two rounds, but Ramos seems to understand his opponent and goes down more often.

10:52 PMNext: The main joint event as Omar Figueroa Jr. faces a tough test against Abel Ramos in a welterweight match. Figueroa returns to the ring after suffering a first loss to Eurydinas Agas in July 2019. Ramos also comes out of the defeat to Ogas, but it was a split decision. They both need a win in this WBA World Championship Eliminator.

10:36 pm: As expected, the fighting did not go very far. Fondora hit Kuta badly in the fourth round and was going down with alarming hesitation. Kota tried to land on his ground but was crushed by a variety of powerful shots. The referee finally stepped up after a tough left hook. The crowd booed because they wanted a quota to come out on his shield but he was in danger of being seriously hurt. A great performer from Fundora, who continues to climb the ladder with his unique size, reach, and skill set.

10:25 p.m.: Fundora and Cota spent the first six minutes throwing the hard skin at each other. This fight isn’t likely to travel long, so enjoy it while it lasts.

10:15 p.m.Next: Super Welterweight Sebastian Fundora (16-0-1, 11 KOs) stepping into the ring with seasoned veteran Jorge Cotta (30-4, 27 KOs). Cotta rebounded from two back-to-back defeats by Jason Rosario and Jermel Charlo to win two consecutive matches. Fundora aims to get the third knockout in a row.

10:02 p.m.After ten rounds, Jesus Ramos got the unanimous decision. He wasn’t able to collect the knockout but Molina was ingenious enough to avoid any major damage. Ramos showed maturity as soon as he realized that Molina was not going to give him the opportunity he needed and used pressure and physical work to make the decision.

9:41 PM: After five rounds, Ramos is in control but Molina doesn’t make it easy. The veteran was adept and forced Ramos to act in order to direct the punches. Ramos begins working on the body to slow Molina’s movement as he pursues the fifteenth knockout.

9:17 PM: We start Ruiz Areola’s bottom card with Jesus Ramos (15-0, 14 Kos) to face Javier Molina (22-3). Ramos showed some impressive strength, but Molina proved her stamina.

What time does Ruiz Jr start against Areola?

  • Date: Saturday May 1
  • Main Card: 9 pm ET
  • The main event in Ruiz-Arreola: Around midnight ET

The Andy Ruiz Jr. vs. Chris Areola main PPV card starts at 9 PM ET, and fighters are expected to march in their ring around midnight ET, depending on the length of previous battles.

How to view Ruiz Junior versus Areola

The Battle of Ruiz vs. Arreola is a Fox Sports PBC event available via pay-per-view through multiple cable and satellite providers; Check with your local service provider for more information.

Andy Ruiz Jr against Chris Areola’s fight card

  • Andy Ruiz Jr. versus Chris Areola; Heavy weights
  • Abel Ramos def. Omar Figueroa Jr. via TKO Sixth Round (3:00)
  • Sebastian Fundora was defeated. Jorge Cotta via TKO 4th round (2:35)
  • Jesus defeated Ramos. Javier Molina, by unanimous decision (97-92, 99-90, 99-90)