May 9, 2021


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Animal testing at Tower Hamlets after various species

Residents of the E1 area were asked to come and test them on Sunday after discovering several types of problems.

“All the cases are settled and isolated. There is no connection between these cases and the recently found criminal groups in the London area, “he said.

“Anyone 11 years of age or older who lives, works or is trained in these postcodes is strongly encouraged to get tested for Covid-19 PCR on call, whether they are showing symptoms or not.

“Improving communication will be used for people who have been exposed to a variety of problems. In these areas, communicators and supervisors will look back long enough to determine the connection method.

“Using PCR testing, positive results can be sent on clinical follow-up to specialized laboratories, helping us to identify cases of various complications and their prevalence.

“People with the symptoms should reserve free tests online or over the phone to be tested in a test facility or sent home test kits.”

On Friday, Redbridge residents were asked to come for a check-up after two new South African cases were discovered.

There are four areas of concern in the UK.

This is different in South Africa, two different Kent genres, and Brazilian genres (carrying E484K).

There are fears that these strains are widespread or may be resistant to vaccines.