anita: Trudeau names Anita Anand as a defense mine; 3 PIO in the cabinet

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TORONTO: Canadian politician of Indian descent Anita On Tuesday, Anand was named the country’s new defense minister in a government reshuffle by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, over a month after his Liberal Party regained power in the early elections and after calls for major military reforms. Anand, a 54-year-old from Oakville, Ontario, is just the second woman to serve as Canada’s Secretary of Defense. She led the country’s efforts to buy vaccines in response to the covid-19 pandemic.
Anand replaces Harjit Sajjan of Indian descent, whose handling of the military sexual misconduct crisis has been under criticism. Sajjan has been appointed minister for the International Development Agency, according to a report in the National Post. According to a report in Global News, Anand has been hailed as a strong challenger for several weeks by experts from the defense industry who said that if she was moved into the role, it would send a strong signal to survivors and victims of military sexual misconduct that the government is serious about implementing reforms.
Kamal Khera, of Indian descent, the 32-year-old Brampton West MP, took the oath of office as senior minister, bringing the number of Indo-Canadian ministers in Trudeau’s cabinet to three. Incumbent Indo-Canadian Women Minister Bardish Chagger, who held the Ministry of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth in Canada, has been mixed. Anand and Khera is among six female ministers in the new cabinet.
Khera, a licensed nurse, has been praised for returning to work as a caregiver at the top of the pandemic. A three-time Member of Parliament since 2015, Khera has also served as Parliamentary Secretary to the Ministers of Health and International Trade.
Anita was born in 1967 in Nova Scotia to Indian parents who were both doctors. Her mother Saroj D Ram came from Punjab and father SV Anand from Tamil Nadu. Anita, who is on leave as a professor of law at the University of Toronto, was appointed Minister of Public Service and Procurement by Prime Minister Trudeau in 2019. Anita assisted Air India’s Commission of Inquiry with extensive research. The Commission investigated the bombing of Air India Kanishka Flight 182 on 23 June 1985, which killed all 329 people on board. Before Anand, Canada’s only female defense minister was former Prime Minister Kim Campbell, who held the portfolio for six months in 1993.


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