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Anne Hegerty of The Chase reveals why her original nickname for the show was removed


Anne Hegerty has revealed that he was originally given a very different nickname The persecution, before being known as The Governess in homes across the country.

For more than a decade, Anne has been one of the issues experts on the ITV gaming program, where she plays under her nickname Governess.

However, in a new interview with The guardian, shared that this was not always the plan.

When she first joined the show, Anne told the newspaper, she was supposed to be known as a director, before she introduced her. Bradley Walsh he had a change of heart.

ITV / Shutterstock

Anne Hegerty on the set of Beat The Chasers

“I do not know, I just saw something of a ruler in me, ”he said.

Anne also stated that she much prefers “The Governess” to the previous title of “Director”, as a governess “can basically do what she likes, while a director has a governing board to which she must report “.

At the beginning of the year, Anne told Loose Women that there were supposed to be a number of character traits that went alongside her person on screen, which also ended up falling by the wayside.

“Originally, the character would be more creepy than she is,” he said. “I remember saying that I wanted it to be a kind of cross between Caroline Aherne like Mrs. Merton and Daphne Fowler in Eggheads. She wanted everyone to think in terms of Delores Umbridge and the scariest thing about her were those damn kittens.

“But then a friend of mine said it’s a little too different from who you are and you can’t keep up.”

ITV / Shutterstock

Anne with her fellow Chasers and presenter Bradley Walsh

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