May 9, 2021


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Another experiment to begin in east London after other foreign Covid species found | Corona infection

Serious testing began in east London after a number of cases of Coronavirus in South Africa and Brazil were found, according to the department of Health.

The NHS testing and research will work with the council at Tower Hamlets to provide additional tests in the E1 postcode from Sunday, in addition to the genomes, which help establish the diversity of HIV-infected individuals.

Officials did not say how many types of data had been found, only that several cases of B.1.351 first recorded in South Africa and the P1 stain first recorded in Brazil were identified.

All of the evidence cases are now independent, the department said. It also said there was no connection between the cases found in east London and the cases found south London soon.

Anyone who lives, works or studies on the E1 postcode, and is over 11 years old, is encouraged to have a blood test, even if they do not show any symptoms.

The news came as the government announced that seven more people had died within 28 days of being diagnosed with the virus, killing a total of UK,512 people.

As of 9am on Saturday morning, another 1,907 people had been diagnosed with the virus, taking a total risk of 4,418,530.

A recent government report, dated to Friday, showed that a 492,287,257 coronavirus vaccine has now been introduced in the UK.

As of the previous day, the first 129,657 jabs were recorded, taking the amount of the first drug delivered in the UK to 34,346,273, and the second 405,456 second, taking 14,940,984.

As with the UK population, this means that 51.4% of the population has now received the first dose, and 22.4% have been fully vaccinated.