Anti-Vaxx care worker and daughter die days after refusing to receive Covid vaccine

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An anti-vaccine mother and her daughter died of Covid a few days apart in the same hospital after refusing to receive the vaccine.

Sammie-Jo Forde, 32, died last Saturday, leaving behind four children.

Just 11 days ago, her mother, Heather Maddern, 55, passed away in the same ward.

Both women were care workers caring for the elderly, Ms Maddern had posted on social media in a series of vaccine shots conspiracy weeks before she fell ill and was admitted to Ulster Hospital near Belfast.

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Miss Forde’s father, Kevin McAllister, said: “My daughter was 32 and had four children. Worse still, today was his eldest son’s birthday. He will be 13 today.

“So these people who don’t get the Kovid-19 shot don’t think about the other people they left behind.”

Sammie-Jo Forde was a caregiver for the elderly and mother of four.
Sammie-Jo Forde was a caregiver for the elderly and mother of four.

Ms. Forde, who had no underlying health problems, texted her father while she was receiving treatment, saying, ‘Dad, your mother is dead’.

Mr McAllister said he did not understand why neither his daughter nor his mother, who was his former partner, had decided not to get vaccinated.

In an emotional interview, Mr McAllister told the BBC’s Stephen Nolan: “Last weekend I had the worst weekend of my life.

“My daughter passed away from Covid-19 on Saturday. Her mother was buried yesterday, she was a Covid-19 patient and neither had ever had a Covid-19 shot.

“I lost my daughter, my best friend, all I have are memories of her, motorcycle racing, fishing, digger riding, that’s all my memories.

“He’ll be buried next Monday – and I can’t give him a kiss. I do not wish what happened to your family, to anyone, to me.

Sammie-jo Forde (right), mother of four, died 11 days after her mother, Heather Maddern.
Sammie-jo Forde (right), mother of four, died 11 days after her mother, Heather Maddern.

“I’m back at work today to clear my head, but next Monday I have to bury my first child, my best friend, my daughter, and I can never forget why you didn’t take it. It’s going to haunt me for the rest of my life.

Mr McAllister praised the community for raising up to £10,000 to help Sammie’s four children. But he said the conspiracy theories behind the coronavirus and vaccines made him despair.

He said: “I wish these people sitting there… injections, corruption… that bullshit on Facebook. If he had taken it, he’d be alive today, himself and his mother.

“I don’t wish what I went through to anyone. It will haunt me for the rest of my life. I wish people there would sometimes listen to the experts, because that’s what they are.

Covid vaccine being made

There was a series of posts on Heather Maddern’s Facebook that challenged the scientific approach to Covid, along with vaccines. and showed support to nurses who were threatened with action for not receiving the needle.

A recent post he said he ‘100% supported’ contained the tragic lines:

“I understand that there is a very small chance that I will die, but I will most likely feel like crap for a few days.

“I understand that I can pass it on to someone else if I’m not careful, but I can pass any virus on to someone else.

“I’m struggling to see where or how this ends.

“We’re either busy living or busy dying.”

“I am devastated,” Mr. McAllister added. “But I don’t want anyone to go through what that man (Sammie’s partner) had to raise his four children on alone. It’s so sad, they had the opportunity to use it.

“A lot of people in Northern Ireland and a lot of people are sitting there and not buying it. They don’t realize what they’re leaving behind. We need to pick up the pieces, so I take each day as it comes now – nothing bothers me anymore.

“I wish he had, every night I think about why you didn’t, why you didn’t.

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“I can’t bring back the past, it’s in the past, but I wish people outside could take it, because don’t go through what I went through.

“Before he died, he sent me a few text messages and I will keep them.

“And I wish people who don’t want to take it realize what they’re leaving behind, because it’s going to kill them. She’s a healthy 32-year-old girl, and she eventually had a heart attack because she couldn’t handle it.’

Full BBC interview with Sammie’s father

Miss Forde and Miss Maddern, as care workers, would be among the first groups to be offered vaccines last year.

The government has a requirement that all UK care home staff have their first vaccinations by 11 November.

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