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AP News Digest 3 p.m. Hamas Joe Biden Elephant White House Tulsa


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CAPITOL BREACH-EXTREMIST GROUPS – Former President Donald Trump’s lie about right-wing supporters, conspiracy theorists and terrorists united in the 2020 election on Jan. But two of the most prominent far-right extremist groups are crying out after the uprising, the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers. by Michael Kunzelman and Alana Durkin Richter. Next: 1,500 words by 6:30 am, photos. An abridged version of 950 words will also be available.


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Biden – Voting Rights — President Joe Biden Uses 100th anniversary of Tulsa’s race genocide to appeal for comprehensive legislation Congress To protect the right to vote, Republican-led governments in Texas and other states pass new restrictions that make it difficult to cast ballots. by Alexandra Jaffe and Lisa Mascaro. Sent: 890 words, pictures.

VIRUS OUTBREAK – The newest concern about COVID-19 vaccination is whether or when we’ll all need boosters – and there are clues that aren’t likely to happen anytime soon, depending mostly on whether the virus How does it keep mutating? By Medical Writer Lauren Niergaard. Next: 860 words, pictures by 11am. WITH VIRUS-OUTBREAK-The-latest.

Meatpacking-Ransomware – A ransomware attack on the world’s largest meat processing company disrupted production worldwide, weeks after a similar incident shut down a US oil pipeline. However, Brazil’s JBS SA says it has made “significant progress” in tackling the cyberattack and expects the “vast majority” of its plants to be operational on Wednesday. by Rod McGuirk and Dee-Ann Durbin. Sent: 980 words, pictures.

Congress—Infrastructure—Biden ready to meet with top Senate Republican Negotiators on infrastructure As the administration has indicated, the time is running out to attack the bipartisan deal on the White House’s big investment proposal and top legislative priority. By Congressional Correspondent Lisa Mascaro. Sent: 750 words, photo. Next: 900 words after the meeting at 2:45 pm.

Gaza – Family under rubble – The deadliest bombing of Israel’s Fourth War with Hamas killed 22 members of the al-Qawalak family, buried under the rubble of their homes. Israel’s military says the bombs targeted the nearby Hamas tunnels and suggests it had miscalculated the firepower used in the attack, inadvertently killing a large number of civilians. Rights activists scoff at Israel’s argument that it successfully reduced civilian casualties through precision bombing. Al-Kawlak fears that justice will never come and that the world will soon forget Gaza again. By Karin Laub and Fares Akram. Sent: 1,320 words, pictures.

Gene therapy – Scientists are trying to treat an increasing number of rare diseases with gene therapy. It offers a potential one-time fix that attacks the root cause of the disease rather than just treating the symptoms. by lead medical author Marilyn Marchionne. Sent: 1,280 words, photos, videos.


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Miami-Shootings – Two accused in the Miami Beach shooting, DaBaby, detained, released. Sent: 550 words, pictures.

china-wandering-elephant – China tries to keep herds of elephants out of the city of seven million. Sent: 260 words, pictures.

Clippers-AR-Broadcast – The Clippers plan an augmented reality “kids cast” of playoff games. Sent: 600 words, photo.

Abortion-Kansas – Patient influx from other states boosts Kansas abortions. Sent: 410 words, photo.

ROD BLAGOJEVICH – Judge ordered early termination of release under Blagojevich’s supervision. Sent: 230 words, photo.

amazon-workers-marijuana – Amazon says it will no longer test job seekers for marijuana use. Sent: 140 words, photo.




Capitol breach-commissioned – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejects a presidential commission to study the January 6 uprising at the Capitol, tells House Democrats to appoint a panel to Biden after the Senate blocked an independent investigation is “infeasible”. Sent: 610 words, photo.

CONGRESS-NEW MEXICO — Democrat Melanie Stansbury won the congressional election for New Mexico, with a campaign closely tied to initiatives by the Joe Biden administration. Sent: 590 words, photos, videos.

Voting-Bills-Texas – Texas Republicans move with their push for tougher election laws to ensure that Democrats’ weekend victory over one of the most restrictive voting measures in the country will only be temporary. Sent: 1,030 words, pictures.




Iran-Navy fire – The largest Iranian Navy ship caught fire and later sank in the Gulf of Oman under unclear circumstances, semi-official news agencies reported. Sent: 420 words, pictures.

Israel-President – Israel’s parliament is set to elect the country’s next president, a largely key post that is meant to serve as the nation’s moral compass and promote unity. Sent: 500 words, photo. Netanyahu’s opponents face a unity government deadline – with Israel-politics.

The half-century journey of Brazil-Anitta-Girl from Rio – “The Girl from Ipanema” shows what can change when culture’s boundaries are crossed – and what can also endure. by David Biller. Next: 1,200 words, photos by 8:30 am.

HONG KONG-JUN 4 Vigil-Photo Gallery – Citing the pandemic, Hong Kong authorities have banned an annual surveillance to mark the anniversary of a 1989 crackdown on the pro-democracy student movement in Beijing. Here’s a look at Vigil’s Past. Sent: 200 words, pictures. Hong Kong’s Tiananmen Museum closed amid investigations, along with Hong Kong-Tiananmen-Museum.

Romania – Children’s Eye Test – With the help of a humanitarian organization, dozens of underprivileged young Romanian children have their eyes examined for the first time in their lives. Sent: 530 words, pictures.

Canada-Indigenous School Deaths – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says residential schools for Canada’s Indigenous children were part of a larger colonial policy designed to eradicate language and culture and assimilate the groups they are now Don’t exist as separate people. Sent: 680 words, pictures.

UN-Next Secretary-General – The UN Security Council will make its recommendation for the next Secretary-General this month, and with current UN chief Antonio Guterres being the sole candidate, his selection for a second term is sure. Sent: 630 words.




california-fire-station-shooting – A firefighter killed a coworker and injured another at his small fire station before setting his own house on fire and apparently in the second fatal workplace shooting in California Killed himself in a few days. Sent: 530 words, photo, video.

california-rail-yard-shooting – A gunman who killed nine coworkers at a Northern California rail yard killed himself twice in the head as a sheriff’s representative ran into a building, according to officials who released body-camera footage of a tense encounter. Got shot Sent: 590 words, photos, videos.

Immigrant detainees-minimum wage – A trial is underway to determine whether GEO Group must pay minimum wage to detainees who do cooking, cleaning, and other tasks at its Northwest Immigration Detention Center in Washington state. Sent: 710 words, photo.




China-Huawei OS — Huawei Google is launching its HarmonyOS mobile operating system on its handsets as it adapts to losing access to Google mobile services after the US placed the Chinese telecommunications company on a business blacklist two years ago. By technology writer Jen Soo. Sent: 600 words, photo.

Financial markets – Asian stocks were mixed after Wall Street began the week after the holiday sluggish. By Business Writer Yuri Kageyama. Sent: 740 words, pictures. As with oil-markets – OPEC will boost oil production as economies recover, prices go up.




Athlete-Mental Health – Most athletes are comfortable talking about injuries. His mental health is a different story. By sports writer Jim Litke. Sent: 780 words, pictures.

Tokyo-it-happening? Will the postponed Tokyo Olympics open despite growing protests and the pandemic? The answer is almost certainly “yes”. by sports writer Stephen Wade. Sent: 1,360 words, pictures.


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