May 9, 2021


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Apple acquires Google AI Scientist Samy Bengio

Apple hired another Google scientist, after Samy Bengio resigned from Google for allegedly ‘firing’ Dr Timnit Gebru

Former AI scientist who resigned in protest of Google ‘firing’ by artificial intelligence (AI) researcher Dr Timnit Gebru, was accepted by a rival.

Google research manager Samy Bengio announced last month that he had resigned, and became the highest profile staff to resign regarding the Gebru matter. Bengio is a 14 -year Google veteran.

Bengio is a mentioned computer scientist in Canada and is a co-founder of a decade-old project known as Google Brain that developed algorithms essential to the functioning of modern AI systems.

Bengio’s resignation

Bengio defended Dr Gebru and the scientist Margaret Mitchell who was fired sa February.

In December, Bengio wrote on Facebook that he was shocked that Gebru, whom he manages, had been removed from the company without him consulting.

Although he did not mention the firing in his resignation letter to Google, the incidents influenced Bengio’s decision to resign, people familiar with the matter told Reuters at the time.

The number of other staff also resigned from Google on top of thing.

Apple’s job

But now it appears that Apple has acquired Samy Bengio, and he will lead “a new AI research unit” within the maker of the iPad, according to a recent report in Reuters.

And it should be noted that he wasn’t the only former Google staffer who worked for Apple.

Bengio will reportedly work directly under John Giannandrea, Apple’s senior VP of machine learning and AI strategy.

Giannandrea herself led AI at Google (she worked there for eight years) before she left Google in 2018 and just a day later it was revealed that he had already started working at Apple.

Giannandrea’s acquisition at the time was viewed as a significant win for Apple, as it demonstrated its intent to capture the likes of current AI leaders such as Google, Amazon and Facebook.

Apple is known for using machine learning to improve the quality of photos taken with the iPhone, delivering content suggestions and apps, as well as smart search power features in a variety of offering software.

And the firm has bolstered its AI credentials for years now.

In 2017 Apple acquired data mining company in a deal reportedly worth approximately $ 200 million (£ 155m).