Arctic eruption: Met Office releases snow update for Grimsby this week

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Grimsby will be even colder this week and snow could fall in the area next weekend. met office told.

It’s not clear where the weekend’s possible snowfall will fall in the region, but snow is more likely on higher ground.

However, drivers who hear that snowfall is not expected can be relieved.

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A Met Office spokesperson said: “Snowfall is unlikely for the next few days.

“It’s not cold enough.

“The risk is rising next weekend.

“It doesn’t look like it’s going to stop, but it might snow a little bit.

“Details on where the snowfall will fall are unclear, but it will most likely be seen on higher ground.

“There’s also the risk of weekend icing, with temperatures dropping below freezing at night.”

The colder temperatures expected next week are due to winds from the Arctic.

Snow-covered woodlands near the Great Limber in February.  From Wednesday, the weather is expected to cool.
Snow-covered woodlands near the Great Limber in February. From Wednesday, the weather is expected to cool.

A Met Office spokesperson also detailed the general weather forecast for the Grimsby area for next week.

“As we continue on our way tomorrow, there may be a downpour or two around, but the weather will be mostly dry, lots of sunshine and a lighter wind.

“Temperatures today, we’re looking at seven or eight degrees in many regions, and tomorrow we’ll have pretty similar temperatures, maybe 7, 8, 9 max.

“But it won’t feel as cold because the winds will be lighter and there will be more sunlight.

“We don’t see much risk of frost in the next few days – although it’s cold, temperatures are really around the average for the year.

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“Tuesday will again be a largely dry day, but it will start to become more cloudy and temperatures will reach around nine degrees Celsius.

“Then on Wednesday, we’re going to start seeing a rain spell, so maybe a slightly rainier day.

“From Wednesday it’s cold again, but it’s getting colder as the week goes on.

“Then, as we enter the weekend, it will be a little more restless, so it will rain at times and we will probably see some snow by the end of the week.”

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