Are there actually any great Black Friday deals for cyclists?

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That Weekly cycling The technology team has been monitoring and trawling through ‘Black Friday’ sales since November 1st. We have received early warning press releases about impending deals coming out of our ears and eyes, sent via an army of shouting press officers, each hoping to get their offer in front and in the middle when the clock strikes embargo time.

Among the deals, we have found some really valuable savings (what would I buy? Probably Continental GP 5000 tires or the High5 bundle that is half price because cyclists always need fuel).

But is it mostly smoke and mirrors? A ‘Which one?’ survey showed that nine out of ten of all Black Friday deals actually had the same price or cheaper earlier in the year, so it’s worth noting that most of these deals are not the only time you will be able to to buy item at this price.

December 26 will no doubt herald the shining lighthouse, which is the Boxing Day sale, ingested along with a half-eaten box of Quality Streets, to begin with. So any ‘buy now, or miss’ rhetoric is highly debatable at best.

Some areas of bicycle retail offer greater savings than others. We were open and honest about the fact that it was difficult to find electric bike deals in the United States, for example. Savings were below 10 per cent almost across the board, while in the UK we found discounts that would save customers hundreds. The US deals are still ‘deals’, as there is a saving – not long ago we asked where you could get a bike at all. But the money back in your back pocket will probably buy you a great meal, not a helmet and shoes to pair with your new horse under the UK shopper discounts.

Children’s bikes have been another area where deals have been thin on the ground, and it’s hardly surprising, over the course of a year where ravaged supply chains have left stock levels low and lifted, if a kids bike under the tree at all is a reward enough. Again, there are some offers on children’s bikes, but the savings are not as high as we have seen elsewhere – among clothes and tires, which, for example, are on our side with the best Black Friday bike offers.

So how does a team like Cycling Weekly’s technical crew, go about spotting genuine deals, and what tips can you include?

Buy the kit you would have bought anyway

Winter road bike tires: choose well for a winter fewer punctures

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Do not fall into the black abyss by buying (often plastic) ‘things’ that you would not otherwise have bought just because you can save 10%. Let us not forget that cycling has as much of a sustainability crisis to contend with as other industries.

Most cyclists have an internal list of sets they could really do with buying. Maybe your cycling gloves are worn thin, you know your tires do not have much life in them, or you really want to start training with watts, so you want a power meter deal ready to reap fitness gains in the spring. Make a list of these points and do not deviate.

Purchase from reputable brands

specialized flashlight

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You will notice that our standalone quote posts tend to focus on major brands. This is because we know that Continental tires, Specialized shoes and Assos jerseys are extremely popular, be it because of words about increased longevity when traveling through the mouth or extensive research that provides a better fit for the majority . If you know that Specialized shoes fit your feet like a glove, it’s better to buy them at a 20% discount than a pair from an unknown manufacturer at a 40% discount.

NB – if you know that dhb shoes fit you well, it is Dorica won our group test under £ 100, and is reduced by 30% at Wiggle, that Specialized Torch 1.0 was a close second, and is down by 30% in CycleStore.


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A humble bragging moment for the price comparison tools you will see across Weekly cycling buying instructions. Our price comparison widget has been created and designed internally, it lists retailers in price order, and it also takes into account customer satisfaction.

You can also use Google shopping, but we gather all the information on one page next to our expert reviews.

Use price history check


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Want to know if an item was cheaper a month ago? You can do it. There are a number of tools available – Camelizer compares prices across Amazon and can be used to sense to check Amazon Black Friday deals, while Honey searches for real deals and also notifies you of price drops and available coupons.

Ask your local bike shop what they can offer


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We definitely do not recommend that you go into your local bike shop and ask that the price match an online retailer, especially not one that does not pay the same costs or has exactly the same ability to fluctuate the profit margin as the giants do. However, you can ask your local bike shop what they can offer. Maybe they charge £ 100 / $ 100 more for the bike you want, but they also get a six-month service guarantee, a good cup of coffee and some local directions the next time you travel. And you can not put a price on the latter.

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