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Argentine stars ‘upset over Copa America decision to take off’ due to rising Covid infections


Argentine players are reportedly upset over the decision to move the Copa America from their home country to Brazil and have expressed their concerns with players from other countries.

The country had rights to host the tournament removed from them on Monday, less than two weeks before the competition began, after a record number of coronavirus cases and the death toll last weekend rose to nearly 77,000.

Brazil was named as the new host for the tournament, which will welcome 10 South American nations between June 13 and July 10, while the country suffers from 450,000 Covid-19-related deaths and an infection rate similar to Argentina.

Argentine players are reportedly angry the Copa America was moved from the country to Brazil

It was announced on Monday that Brazil will host the tournament starting next week.

And according to ESPN Brasil, Argentine players have discussed their objections to the move with players from other countries, but have resigned to play in Brazil if necessary due to short notice.

It was originally planned for Colombia to co-host the event with Argentina, but on 20 May they were stripped of the tournament due to ongoing political protests there.

Argentina’s role as host has been removed just days after the Argentine Football Association (AFA) suspended all football activities for nine days to combat the second wave of the coronavirus in the country.

Argentina were co-hosts with Colombia, who were removed from the staging on 20 May.

Barcelona’s new striker Sergio Aguero, who completed a move from Manchester City earlier this week, slammed South American football’s governing body CONMEBOL for changing its mind on the situation so many times.

The forward said: ‘From what I have heard in Brazil, they have also closed the borders. It is very difficult to give an opinion. We players want to play. it’s clear. The point is to find a good place to play.

‘We have to play it, don’t have time – we’ve already lost last year. It took a year to find a place where this could and could have been done. Every month, in two months everything changes.’

Argentina’s Sergio Aguero slams CONMEBOL for changing his mind so much

The huge number of coronavirus cases in Brazil has caused a sort of emergence from the country. The strain, known as P.1, has spread to more than ten countries around the world, including the United Kingdom.

This year’s Copa America is scheduled to be held in four Brazilian cities – Rio de Janeiro, Brasilia, Goiânia and Cuiaba.

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