Arkells ‘excited’ to return to the road in 2022 as vaccines help control COVID

Arkells frontman Max Kerman says he can not wait to put some tour dates “on board” as COVID-19 Vaccines continue to create safe places for the band to present themselves to a live audience.

“We have done an average of about 120 shows a year, and in recent years we have had about two on average. So we are thrilled,” said Kerman. 900 CHML’s Good Morning Hamilton.

The band’s sixth album, Blink once, finally came out in late September after being held by the pandemic. It is a venture that started with writing sessions encapsulated throughout 2019 through studio recordings that started in the summer of 2019 and stopped until February 2020 with the rise of COVID.

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“We got about 80 percent of the record that was made by February 2020 with the expectation that we would somehow pack it in and release it later in 2020,” Kerman said.

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“But of course the pandemic hit and we wanted to stop it for a second because we had these kind of big singles that need an audience.”

Kermin said the decision was made to stop it due to a lack of tours in COVID as the Hamilton band feared the record would “evaporate” without the support of live shows.

With off and on quarantines and losses until 2020, the quintet has built campfire chords, starting with online video sessions that teach fans to play their songs acoustically and have grown to a full-fledged recording demand from fans.

“We were able to do that from home in the safety of our personal studios. We send the sessions around, “explains Kerman.

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Learn guitar with Max Kerman from Arkells

Learn Guitar with Max Kerman from Arkells – March 19, 2020

With that project coming out of the dock and vaccinations rolling out in late 2020, the band started making the album number six.

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“We are super happy with that and just grateful that we had the chance to put the tour dates on board so we can go out and play,” Kerman said.

Blink once has now released three singles deep with “You Can Get It” in late March, “All Roads” in May and Arm in Arm released on Tuesday.

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“We just made the video for it at Billy Bishop Airport in Toronto, and it’s a song about going home and being close to your friends and family, you know, especially after you’ve lost someone in the comfort that music provides. brings, ”said Kerman.

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So far, 31 dates are on the cards for the Arkells, starting mid-January with a trio of shows at The Town Ballroom in Buffalo before going to Canada from Vancouver to Oshawa in February.

The band was able to revive some pre-pandemics with a one-off show on the Budweiser stage in mid-August in Toronto. It was the first show for Kerman and the company after 16 months of major gigs.

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“You know, we have to start from the beginning,” Kerman said.

“We really need to remember at some point the things we were good at and what were the moments that we think are important to highlight in the set.”

The marquee event on the upcoming tour will be a bit deja vu on June 25th when they finally do twice moved Summer Hometown Headline Show “The Rally” about Tim Horton’s Field.

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