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Arrows in the Premier League 2021: Johnny Clayton insists winning the title is a “dream come true” | Arrows News


Clayton added the Premier League title darts to his growing tally at Milton Keynes

The tale of a ferret. Before the Masters, Johnny Clayton wasn’t even in the Premier League debate. Ironically, he would not have participated in the season opener if PDC had not extended the tournament to 24 players. The rest, as they say, is history.

It was a great six months for the friendly Welshman. His World Cup success alongside Jeroen Price provided the stage, and he has gone from strength to strength ever since, raising the subsequent Masters title that saw him be picked for the Premier League this year.

It can be said that Clayton was the perfect man in the Arrows of the World before the tournament, but after the inverted conclusion of the campaign, he faced the struggle of the winner, winning everything against Dimitri van den Berg to determine his qualification to the supplement.

Johnny Clayton was emotional on the moon after winning his first Premier League title in his first campaign

Johnny Clayton was emotional on the moon after winning his first Premier League title in his first campaign

The 46-year-old was duly handed over to secure his place in Finals Night, before producing talented offers to defeat five-time champion Michael Van Gerwen and Grand Slam winner Jose de Sousa to claim the first prize of £ 250,000 on his debut.

“Tonight, everything worked for me,” Clayton said at his post-match press conference. “My darts went well, my shots went well, so it’s a dream.”

“There’s a little ferret stuck on the poster for next year! It’s amazing, absolutely amazing. Being the first Welsh to lift that trophy – awesome.”

Clayton was the only player to be ranked outside the top 16 in the Premier League this year, but his performance over 17 nights at Milton Keynes provided further confirmation of his status as one of the best in the world.

The Ferret boasted a cycle average of over 99, scoring averages of 103.25 and 100.18 against Van Gerwen and De Sousa respectively.

“Usually it’s Michael Van Gerwen’s hymn, Gary Anderson’s hymn, Peter Wright. Hearing Johnny Clayton’s hymn is very cool and I’ll keep it forever.”

Clayton to support the crowd …

For the second season in a row, the Premier League final was contested between two newcomers, but Clayton became the first man to win the title after ending the League season in fourth place.

“When Jeroen and I won the World Cup, it was the biggest darts cup I had ever won. I think that boosted my confidence. In my opinion, I knew I could play darts and it went on from there.” Clayton added.

“I’ve watched TV. I’ve watched the Premier League, watched PDC’s arrows. To be a name in the Premier League is cool, but winning a huge title like this, it’s just a dream come true.”

Clayton was one of several players to claim PDC’s first major singles title in a closed-door environment, and there was much speculation as to whether the “new breed” would thrive in a more partisan atmosphere.

The Welshman answered this question emphatically. Fans are back in the last five nights of the Premier League matches, and there were 1,000 spectators present at the Marshall Arena to encourage Clayton to the victory.

“To take back the crowd and hear them chant my name – usually that is the hymn of Michael Van Gerwen, the hymn of Gary Anderson, Peter Wright. Hearing the Johnny Clayton hymn is so wonderful and I’ll keep that forever.”

Johnny Clayton beat Jose de Souza 11-5 to win the Premier League in his first season

Johnny Clayton beat Jose de Souza 11-5 to win the Premier League in his first season

Clayton is the seventh player to win the Premier League, and the first to do so after finishing fourth in the league. However, despite his heroism, he would still be ranked 17th on the PDC Medal of Merit.

He is undoubtedly in a wrong position. He has bagged a combined £ 310,000 from two televised victories in 2021, but sits outside the top 16 teams in the world due to the mismatch of the two tournaments.

However, that fact did not discourage him, and the status of having one of the sporting biggest trophies is a reward enough. “I have to defend it every two years, so I’ll keep it,” he quipped.

Few will come back against Clayton to add to his strength over the coming months, though. Sky Sports’ Mark Webster was full of praise for his countryman, praising his mentality.

“The emotion in Johnny’s face – I’ve never seen that before. It shows just how much that means and how hard he can do. It’s an amazing feat,” Webster told Sky Sports.

“Johnny shows exactly what you can achieve when you believe in yourself. After winning the World Cup, you could see that the cup meant a lot to him, only from Welles’s perspective. In his career, she gave him another podium.”

Devon Petersen on Clayton…

“He told me at the start of the year – this might be the only crack for him. Well Johnny, you are the hero. You’re back next year now and you’ll have to do it again.

It wasn’t like: ‘What am I going to achieve here?’ “It never crossed his mind that he would be the Premier League champion.”

Clayton’s record in the Premier League this year has been exciting. His relentless hitting 140 was integral to his success, but the extravagance of the outer ring proved to be a stumbling block in the final stages of the league stage.

However, Ferret corrected that somewhat when it mattered. He turned around 57 percent of his duos attempts against Van den Berg in the crucial 16 night showdown – before he maintained his clinical superiority on the night of the finals.

Ice Pontyperm has scored 21 of his 36 attempts twice, across the semi-finals and the final – with an astonishing 58% success rate.

Mark Webster and Devon Petersen review the Premier League final in Milton Keynes

Mark Webster and Devon Petersen review the Premier League final in Milton Keynes

Van Gerwin and De Sousa both registered overweight averages against him, but Clayton was a possessed man—his intensity and focus were consistent; It will not be denied.

“He kept breaking Jose de Souza twice and broke his back and I was thinking, ‘Can he get frustrated? He didn’t do it,'” Webster said.

He believed in himself. He was comfortable all night; he looked relaxed last night after wobbles on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“He’s been the best player over the last few nights and that’s why he’s in the title. Thanks to him; it’s a huge achievement for Johnny Clayton.”

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