ASCCA-Romblon is hosting its first photo essay competition online


TThe ASCCA-Romblon, a social media arm, will soon hold an online photo essay competition on April 16, 2021. Skills in photography and essay writing.

Top 3 winners
1st grade Isily Josh Gorgorios
1st grade Isily Josh Gorgorios

The event was followed by the theme “Yabaw Pagabangog Ugang an Hiwotng Romblomanon” (Explain the roots of Roblon by capturing your city’s traditional lifestyle).

The purpose of the competition was to showcase Romblon’s traditional lifestyles and old ways and to accompany them through a series of portraits or landscapes.

2nd Class Jansen Magdalene
2nd Grade Jansen Magdalene

A total of 13 participants from various Romblon municipalities joined the competition and took amazing photos of their cultural backgrounds that are still alive and well to this day. These photos are also accompanied by thought-provoking articles written in their own language (Asi, Eni and Onhan) and translated into English, which include rumbling-rich cultures and heritage, from fishing, weaving, poplar production to marble.

Some contestants also learn how other people make their hometown lime delicious, how their Aeta people thrive in their area, and how to make grass and carpets.

3rd grade Noemi Marquez
3rd grade Noemi Marquez

Romblon’s Islay Josh Gorgorios, Romblon at the beginning of his photo essay, Kusog Ako Sa Pangabu hi Para Mabuhi, Yari Sa Banwa Ko won first place in the competition. (My strength to live the roots of life in my land).

His stunning and stunning photographs are all three of Lombella’s traditional lifestyles alive and well to this day: marble, poplar and fishing. But more than that, he was able to show them in their raw form – from the fact that the people were actually cutting stones for marble, digging coconuts, and throwing their nets into the sea at dawn.

Romblon’s Jansen Lloyd Gargajo won second place in his photo essay, Magnubulgan (dependent on each other), San San Augustine’s Nume Makuz, third in her photography essay, Rumblon, Ang Matud and Mangagdang Romblon (Roblon’s Real Resources).

Our 5 Honor Winners!
Our 5 Honor Winners!

The five honorees John Eric Fabul, TJ Ruffon, John Lester Mondia, Anna Theresa Fafan, And Sophia Maderazo.

A panel of judges was included for the photo essay competition Abner Faminino, Nikon Fameronag, Jimmy Domingo, Rod Galicho, And Melo Villaral. The competition was also supported by a variety of Roblon organizations including Biaam Sibianon, Romblon Eco Tour Service, RMS Learning Center and Melo Villaral. Outside the city travel blog.

Top 3 winners will receive cash prizes and additional funding sponsored by Travel Blogger and social media strategist Melo Villarreal. The winners will receive cash prizes. All photo essays will be displayed at the RSU Learning Resource Center. They are also published and featured on the out-of-town travel blog at Melo Villalar.

About the AC Center for Culture and the Arts (ASCCA) – Romlon

ASCCA – Romblon by Romblon Romblon Discussion List – Cultural, Living and Educational Support (RDL-CLEAR) Established in 1998. . ASCCA has previously hosted numerous workshops, conferences, cultural activities, and contests to protect nature, local languages, culture, and heritage and pass on their values ​​to the next generation.

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