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Ashley Cain says she has to ‘be haunted by the fact that my daughter died in my arms’


Ashley Cain He posted an emotional message on his Instagram Stories while visiting his daughter’s grave on Monday night.

The reality TV star and her partner Safiya Voraji have since been visiting baby Azealia’s resting place daily His funeral on 21st May.

And in a heartwarming message in the dark on Monday night, Ashley, 30, admitted she has to “be haunted by the fact that my daughter walked into my arms as she counted her last breaths”.

Earlier in the day he described how “there isn’t a day when you don’t feel sad or in pain” and that you get “constantly haunted by what happened”.

Ashley Caine shared a heartbreaking message on Instagram on Monday night

Azalia Cain Graves
Ashley Cain shows her followers a beautifully decorated grave of azalea

Then as the night happened, he described his “life as a devoted father to the now most beautiful child a father wanted” and placed the camera around an eight-month beautifully decorated memorial tomb.

Talking to the camera, Ashley countered tears and said: “I used to see his face when everything looked bad in my life. It made everything better. Now I can never do that again.”

He continued to say that he would have to live with her for a lifetime and said how he would continue to visit her grave and would talk to her for hours on end.

She explained that, when she remembered him, what hurt her most was that her life was full of pain with wires in her chest and nose and a life spent in a hospital room.

“Even though she didn’t show up, I know she was going through pain,” she said tearfully. “I have been haunted by the fact that my daughter died in my arms counting her breaths.

“I feel so much for that little girl.”

Ashley then shared a poignant message with a picture of the tomb that wrote: “Good night God bless my daughter, my hero and the strongest, most beautiful person I know. You are my heart, my soul and my Will live forever in spirit!”

A few hours later he returned to his story to make sure people knew he was okay.

He added: “I want everyone to know that they don’t have to worry about me. My daughter worked so hard for her life that I would never give up.”

She boldly stated that she is dedicated to setting up a charity that will help other families going through difficult times.

Azalea and ashley can
Ashley Cain is scheduled to live in the name of Azalia

“That’s what I want to do if I can make a little difference,” he continued. “I will go to every corner of the earth to do this and honor my daughter’s name.”

He asked that his followers continue to support him during the charity’s founding and told him that he would “keep going” until he “did all I can”.

He thanked supporters who were encouraging him on the street and signed off saying “God bless you”.

* If you have been influenced by this story, advice and support can be found in Together for Short Lives. You can call them on 0808 8088 100 or get more information http://www.togetherforshortlives.org.uk


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