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Athletes will wear eco-friendly clothing for kimono-designed victory ceremonies • InsideSport


Tokyo Olympics: Sportsmen to wear eco-friendly clothes for victory ceremonies with kimono design Athletes participating in the Tokyo Olympic victory ceremony will wear clothing made from recycled eco-friendly fibers. This would include designs incorporating the traditional kimono. Volunteers carrying medals will have the option of choosing between trousers or dress.

According to Olympic.com, Yamaguchi Sodai designed the costumes that would be worn by medal holders and those escorting athletes during the victory ceremony.

“I initially decided on the concept of ‘a new style in formal wear.’ I have a respect for tradition, but I also struggled with the thought that maybe just keeping to tradition isn’t enough. So I decided to try kimono and Decided to take on a new challenge by adopting traditional Japanese dress.” He told the official website.

Notably, Sodai is a rising fashion director, having worked on numerous fashion shows, exhibitions and shop designs.

The much-awaited Tokyo Olympics is set to begin from July 23 in the COVID-19 hit Japan. The two-week-long competition will see some of the sport’s biggest icons looking for glory on the biggest stage in the world. Some of the brightest and young talents of the world will represent their countries in the global sporting event. With only 50 days left amid the COVID-19 scare, it remains to be seen how the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will organize the event.

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