AUKUS alliances “troubled” Chinese President Xi Jinping: Condoleezza Rice

The establishment of a new military alliance would rightly have “disinterested” Chinese President Xi Jinping, says a former US Secretary of State.

A former US Secretary of State has addressed China’s ‘oversized’ ambitions in a discussion on the importance of the AUKUS Alliance for stability in the Indo – Pacific region.

In talks with Australia’s longest-serving foreign minister, Alexander Downer, former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said it was only natural that Britain, the United States and Australia should come together to counter China’s influence in the Indo – Pacific.

“I love the idea of ​​Quad, I think the Chinese do not do it very well: they were actually nervous about the show Australia, India, Japan and the United States,” she said on the Policy Exchange forum.

“I think they will be just as nervous about Australia, Britain and the United States because you weigh real weight, militarily, technically in terms of intelligence and Britain is really a powerhouse in these areas, whether it is military, technology or intelligence.

“I think it has the potential to really shape the Indo-Pacific, along with Japan and Korea and India, in ways that make it difficult for China to achieve some of its ambitions.

“I hope that it really not only finds a foothold but that it reaches its full potential, which I think is important.”

Mr Downer said his vision was for the AUKUS alliance to take control of China’s influence in the Indo – Pacific region.

“I believe that AUKUS will contribute to a better balance of power in the Indo-Pacific. And I think if you have a better balance of power in the Indo-Pacific, it is not to contain China but to limit China. You will have a more peaceful region, he tells the forum.

Mr Downer added that China had done itself no favors on the world stage in acting against the interests of the Chinese people.

“I think they have driven one of the worst foreign politicians I have ever seen of any foreign country in the last three or four years by promoting what you can broadly describe as the West … and getting them to come together to balance China’s power. ,” he said.

“It is not really in the interest of the Chinese people that the government has brought the rest of the world to rally against them.”

Mr Rice agreed, noting that Xi Jinping’s “oversized ambitions” have led to dubious policies.

“Sometimes authorities do really bad politics,” she said. “And when there is only one person in Xi Jinping who really matters, they have a single failure and they make big mistakes.”

In Taiwan, Rice predicted that Beijing would reflect Vladimir Putin’s strategy in eastern Ukraine by using paramilitary forces and sabotage to destabilize the nation.

“There was a fistfight in the Taiwanese parliament a few weeks ago and I was wondering to myself if it really happened between the people of Taiwan or was it something that was provoked from the outside?” She said.

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