Author Greg Rousseau says the “toasty” Easter eggs were shot but cut


Its fans Mortal combat Video games have noticed a variety of Easter eggs that have spread to new images, so it’s probably hard to imagine that anything was actually left on the floor of the cutting room. Left author Greg Russo reveals that a particularly popular Easter egg was shot but eventually removed from the final cut Was.

“In a new interview withPolygon“, Screenwriter Greg Rousseau has revealed that a “Toasty!” Easter eggs almost turned it into a film, Rousseau says “Toasty!” I worked really hard to get the line! It had a spot in the story that didn’t feel stingy, as it works but it was edited Li Liu Kong said after revealing it to someone. “

“Toasty!” Began Severe Combat 2 When game designer Dan Forden will appear in the corner of the screen and provide the line to match with a big hand. Line and Easter eggs have become one of the most well-known repetitive gags since its inclusion in the second game. Deadly Combat Surprise. It has appeared in many games across the franchise, including the most recent Deadly Combat 11.

Looks like a lot has been cut Deadly Combat Which we hope to see when the image comes on Blu-ray. When asked about an extended version of a fan, Lewis Tan, who played Cole Young, responded: “There are a lot more fights that didn’t include it as my favorite one. Hopefully a special feature … Scene cutting is a very common thing, most of the pictures have enough footage to spend 5 hours. The sequel has a lot of stuff left too :)”

Going back to ‘Toasty’! Line, I’m trying to imagine a moment in the film when it’s not somewhat stingy. I can tolerate a good place “Finish him”, “Deadly”, Or a “Kano won”, But ‘Toasty!’ Even though the film took on a somewhat grim shape, it can still be a little difficult to take the picture, making itself a little more serious than the line that points out. If it popped up in 1995, I would have taken it with open arms, but that film embraced its B-movie sensations a bit more.

Do you think ‘toasty’? The Easter egg should have been included in the new one Deadly Combat?


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