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Author of LibDem’s “101 Ways to Win Elections” Supervises MPs who lose 46 seats


Author of LibDem’s “101 Ways to Win Elections,” he oversees lawmakers who lose 46 seats

No doubt political book worms will look forward to the next post, “101 ways to earn an E.lesson ”- is now available for booking on Amazon. The author of the book, Mark Pack, states that it is “Full up full of information on how to win elections “. Interestingly, the the biography of the book does not report potential readers that expert election councils come from … the chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party.

The book is the third edition to be published; between the first edition, in 2012, the second edition in 2016 and the new edition 2022, his party has fallen from 57 seats to 11. The book promises “practical tips and advice.”

The author, Mark Pack, saw his career stand out when he was named co-leader of the LibDems in 2019, following the loss of Jo Swinson’s seat. He clearly did not read his book …

The other co-author of the book, Ed Maxfield, seems to at least practice what he preaches: him left LibDems in late 2020, citing “Change values”, converted to “disillusioned with that of the party disastrous approach to Brexit and its 2019 election campaign. Finally, some practical tips for winning elections from at least one of the authors: leave the LibDems …

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