Avengers reveals the secret truth behind the next MCU Hulk’s new form

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As Jennifer Walters acclimatizes to her new form as the Winter Hulk, she betrays the true nature behind this gamma-rayed transformation.

NOTE: The following contains spoilers for Avengers # 49, now on sale from Marvel Comics.

One of the most shocking changes to happen to the Avengers in the current roster for the Earth’s most powerful heroes was the forced transformation of Si-Hulk in the hands of the rival Russian superhero team the Winter Guard. Abducted during a raid on Avengers Mountain, Jennifer Walters was captured in the Red Room and subjected to torture experiments that eventually led to her metamorphosis into the desert. Winter Hulk. More violent and unpredictable than ever, the Winter Hulk has pretty much cut the path of destruction through the Marvel universe and, as this version of the Hulk stands with the Winter Guard for a rematch, the shocking truth behind the Winter Hulk’s nature is revealed: It was all part of Jen’s plan in the first place.

Underwent everything from vampire attacks to genetic experiments for months while held captive deep in the Siberian facility, the transformation of She-Hulk left her virtually unrecognizable and with a formidable new array of abilities. While the Avengers tried carry out a rescue mission to free Jen from the Winter Guard, she arrived just too late, with Jen apparently seemingly violently out of control as she was released from her prison and completely destroyed her captives along the way. After she got her Revenge on Gorilla-Man, the figure she had delivered to the Winter Guard in the first place, the Winter Guard put her gaze on Atlantis, destroying every Atlantean that stood in her way. An an Avengers # 49 by Jason Aaron, Javier Garron, Flaviano, David Curiel and VC’s Cory Petit, when the Winter Guard finally catches the Winter Hulk, they realize that Jen is much more in control than they initially believed.

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As the Winter Hulk turns out against an unabashed Namor the sub-mariner on the bottom of the ocean, with the gamma-rayed hero holding a clear advantage over the underwater regent, it is observed that Jen has now lived something of a double life. More than that, Jen has had to contend with deep trauma for a while while retaining her enormous responsibility as a superhero and lawyer. With that in mind, a recorded conversation between She-Hulk and Black Panther sometime before her capture of the Winter Guard is revealed, shows that not only was Jen always in control, but that she had devised the plan for her own capture.

The conversation between the two Avengers concerned T’Challa that what Jen imagined would leave her captive, isolated and tortured for months, the Winter Guard should successfully capture her. Jen is well aware of the risks and the ordeal that lies ahead of her, but is determined to learn exactly what the Winter Guard has in store for Atlantis, revealing with her conscious fingers that they are planning the Underwater Kingdom with a massive Eject atomic bomb. And faced with the Winter Guard and largely treated, the stage for the final showdown is set and set by Jen Plan.

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Jen has repeatedly put her life on the line as part of her duties as a superhero and she has taken it to a whole new level with her plan to infiltrate the Winter Guard as a cautious prisoner. While a lot of security damage occurred, Jen’s plans largely went ahead as planned, which obviously led to Wintergard’s plans. But with the Russian team still having some deadly tricks up its sleeve, the battle is not over yet as the confrontation between the Avengers and Wintergard reaches its climatic end.

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