Avery Anna Creates Sad Girl Country-Pop With Emotional Releases

Recently Warner Music Nashville announced their newest signee, Avery Anna. The singer-songwriter has been going through amazing moments within her career including over 1.5 million followers and 26 million likes on TikTok fresh out of finishing high school.

All the songs that I write just sort of straight out of my journal. We just read my journal and then write the song,” tells Anna. “It means a lot that like, I have The Highway that believes in me and all these people around me that believe in me to put it out there so that people can hear it,” 

Her viral hit, “Narcissist,” brought her an amount of attention she wasn’t expecting. SiriusXM The Highway was a huge supporter, therefore, leading its way to Hot 30 Countdown. In addition, “Narcissist,” earned a special rendition from Kelly Clarkson on her talk show. 


The breakout country act has a spot for writing emotional hits that will make someone feel like they’ve never felt before. Recently, Anna released her most recent single titled “Critic,” which brings an emotional cage that is portrayed in this mid-tempo ballad by Anna’s overcritical and insecure boyfriend.

It’s super vulnerable. It’s like, honestly terrifying,” tells Anna about her sharing her songs. “Once like that one person just says that it helps them so much. I don’t care if a million people hear it, or just that one person does. It’s so worth it.

You can connect with Avery Anna on Instagram.

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