Ayr eruption today: what happened after Kincaidston eruption destroyed home and residents evacuated

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A giant explosion shook separate after an explosion of fear destroyed a house tonight.

The explosion occurred in Gorse Park in the town’s Kincaidstone district, shortly after 7:00 pm on Monday.

Mercy teams, trying to evacuate the surrounding residents, arrived at the scene.

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The three people have since been taken to Crosshouse Hospital, but their status is unknown.

It is not known how many people were injured in the explosion.

Emergency services at the scene in Gorse Park
Emergency services at the scene in Gorse Park

What happened?

After the big explosion in the town, 3 special operations vehicles, 6 ambulances and an air ambulance were sent to the scene.

Mercy teams were present on the residential street helping to evacuate people from neighboring houses.

A house was completely destroyed in the explosion.

Witnesses to tonight’s blast in Ayr said it made the blast sound like a bombshell.

Others said the explosion could be heard up to three miles from the source of the explosion.

Emergency service at the scene

Where and when did it happen?

The incident took place on a residential street in Ayrshire around 7pm this evening.

After the explosion was felt in the surrounding, many emergency service teams were sent to the scene.

The cause of the explosion is unknown.

Police are asking people to stay away from the area as they continue to evacuate families in the area.

Has anyone been hospitalized and where are people evacuated?

Three people were taken to Crosshouse Hospital after the explosion in Ayr.

The Scottish Ambulance Service said three people were transported to the local hospital after the explosion this evening in the Kincaidston area of ​​Ayr.

It is unknown how many people were injured tonight.

The community came together tonight to offer shelter and support to those affected by the evictions.

South Ayrshire council has set up a site for families to receive shelter and emergency care.

They said: “The council has staff at Queen Margaret Academy where a recreation center has been set up to support those directly affected by tonight’s incident.”

“The council also has teams that support emergency repairs for those affected where possible. The council works under the direction of emergency services in these situations and is ready to support our communities in any way we can.”

An Ayr-based spa offered support to everyone affected by the explosion.

Allure Spa wrote on Facebook: “People of Kincadiston, if you need to evacuate and you have nowhere to go, we can open our shop to you, we have 10 comfortable mattresses with covers and a kettle.

“If you are at a loss and have nowhere to go, please contact us, we will be happy to assist you.”

The Kincaidston Community Center also opened its doors to people affected by the incident, while residents offered food, blankets and shelter.

Tempura restaurant is also opening its doors to everyone affected by the explosion.

They posted a message on social media: “If anyone affected by the eruption in Kincaidston tonight is stuck with nowhere to go, please let us know and we’ll be happy to welcome you to tempura.”

What was the cause of the explosion?

The cause of the explosion is still under investigation.

Waseem Hanif, spokesperson for gas distribution company SGN, said: “At around 8 PM tonight, we received a request for emergency services after reports of a serious explosion in Ayr Gorse Park.

“Our engineers are currently assisting emergency services in our mission as the gas emergency service to ensure the immediate environment is safe.”


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