Home Entertainment Baby Blue advises on PPP loans following her franchise fraud case

Baby Blue advises on PPP loans following her franchise fraud case


As many of you know, Pricky Ricky’s Baby Blue is preparing to sue for the fraud case she is currently facing. However, as soon as the PPP came, he wanted to use his platform to give some advice to his followers.

On Friday, he took to his social media to post a statement and said, “I want to use my platform and tell my followers and anyone who has seen it … if anyone comes to you with a PPP proposal, just thank them.” No! “

He continued to urge everyone to ignore the PPP loans. He continued, “Ignorance is not a legal defense and when you stand before a judge and jury, you will not be able to say ‘I did not know’.”

When it comes to those who have already received PPP loans, he suggested that the money be returned.

“I regret saying this and hope someone made the right decision after reading this message.”

On Instagram, he posted the full statement, and Dr. In his caption, β€œThis is the first time this situation has been made public. I’m still going to a lawsuit and was advised by my lawyers not to talk about the case but I want to say a few words of advice to reassure my friends, family, followers and fans about saving someone from a bad decision. Knowingly or unknowingly. ”

E.g. Previously According to the report, he was injured in various charges including fraud, bank fraud and wire fraud conspiracy against him for being involved in more than ২ΰ§ͺ 24 million PPP loan scandal. He is expected to plead guilty within a few weeks.

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TSR Staff: Z Ashley @ Z_Ashley 94

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