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Back to Coalface when new visitor attractions open


Following the official opening of The Coalface, Krevik Multiverse is looking forward to a new era – its specially designed eco-friendly visitor facilities.

The event (which was less important because of the COVID restrictions) was attended by Gillian Khosla, Chairman of the Crewick Multiverse Trust (CMT), Trust Patron The Duke of Buccleuch, and Chairman and Chief Executive of South Scotland Enterprise (SOSE) Economic. and Community Development Agency.

SOSE’s support has been essential to the Coalface project. This has seen the creation of a beautifully designed sustainable building featuring a small retail area and ticket office, accessible toilets and a small area for indoor activities. Additional funding was also secured to improve car parking, picnic areas and site signage.

Kravick Multiverse, a spectacular 55-acre land art installation, in Dumfries and Galloway, near Sanquhar, was the vision of artist Charles Jenks and saw the improvement and transformation of a 55-acre former open cast quarry on land owned by the Duke of Buccleuch. . It was inspired by the artist’s ideas about space, astronomy and cosmology.

Gillian said: ‘It’s a very exciting moment for us. As COVID restrictions ease and people are looking for interesting and unusual places to visit, Crevice Multiverse can now give them a really warm welcome.

Crevic Multiverse Coalface Visitor Center in Sankar, Dumfries and Galloway (Photo: Colin Hattersley)

‘This opens up a whole host of other exciting opportunities for the future as we seek to establish Crewick as a venue for outdoor events and activities as well as a major Scottish visitor attraction.

‘We are delighted to welcome Duke Richard along with Jane Morrison-Ross and SOSE Professor Russell Griggs for the official inauguration – without their support this would not have been possible.’

Colface was named to reflect the site’s mining heritage, but locally based creative graphic designer, Kirsty Young of Carat Top Design, embraces much of its new identity, with contemporary branding coming along.

Designed and built by Dumfries and Galloway sustainable building experts Sam Booth of Eco Living, the new visitor facilities use three repurposed containers clad with untreated larch, a length of short wood covered in checkerboard (which minimizes waste ) and has a sedum covered roof. Office and retail spaces are lined in light spruce.

Ms Morrison-Ross, CEO of SOSE, said: ‘We are delighted to support Kravik Multiverse with this project. We know how important the tourism industry is in the south of Scotland, which has 4.6 million annual visitors and associated expenses of over £600m supporting around 12,000 jobs.

‘With the easing of Covid restrictions, we hope that facilities such as the Krovik Multiverse will help encourage visitors to return to our wonderful region and help our tourism industry look to a brighter future.

Professor Griggs OBE, SOSE President, said: ‘SOSE’s new Operating Plan describes how we want to support communities and businesses as they recover from COVID-19 and encourage them to develop sustainable projects. And support, which of course is the Crevice Multiverse.

‘It’s great to see this attraction grow with The Coalface opening as an eco-friendly facility that improves the experience for visitors and locals alike.’

Coalface is CMT’s base of operations and, along with recently recruited local staff, a small team is available to assist visitors and look after the site.

Special guests open new Coalface visitor facilities (Photo: Colin Hattersley)

This will make it easier for the Krovik Multiverse to run and host events and activities – something for which it is ideally suited as it has large areas of open space, including an amphitheater.

The Duke, who is a patron of the CMT, said: ‘Charles Jenks was a prolific artist and a visionary who believed that a place like the Multiverse could enrich the lives of the local people and the economy of Upper Knitsdale in a way that greatly is unique.

‘I believe that over time it will become an international destination known around the world. The opening of Coalface is another step towards that goal.

Colface is a place for visitors to buy tickets and refreshments, get information, visit toilets, use the changing area, and get under the covers when it rains.

All work on The Coalface was done by local businesses, including Sam Templeton Building Contractors.

Other grantees, supporters and partners of the project include Dumfries and Galloway Council, the Dumfries and Galloway Leaders Programme, Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government and Whiteside Hill Windfarm (Scotland) Ltd.

For more information, opening hours and prices see website https://www.crawickmultiverse.co.uk

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