Back to school: Some things do not change

back to school

Whether they are in elementary school or college age, students return to school.

Continued effects of the coronavirus pandemic seem to assure that this will be a back-to-school season like no other. Although each community and school district is likely to have its own protocols for dealing with the threat of COVID-19, other experiences are universal and unchanging. Review our blog posts from previous years for safety and insurance tips that are especially important when school resumes.


First up: bus safety. Our video is a quick way to remind children to follow safety rules when traveling to and from school.

Motorists should pay attention at school crossings and near the school grounds. Children often assess the dangers of traffic.


When school is out for the day, many children are at home with caregivers or teenage siblings. Although it is healthy to put books aside and play outdoors, parents should Assess the risks that exist in your own backyard.


Is your college student returning to campus? Think about the things that may require insurance coverage, and talk to your independent agent to make sure you are covered. Spring Insurance 101 for the university student covers the basics students need to know about property and car insurance.

If a college student were to claim on their own or their parents’ policies, it is good to have a list of all their belongings and do not forget computers, mobile phones, bicycles or other things. College students, find out your stuff.

Parents can find more information about the coverages that may be available through their homeowners policy.

Coverage described here is in the most general terms and is subject to actual terms and exceptions. For actual coverage wording, terms and exceptions, see the policy or contact your independent agent.

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