May 9, 2021


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Badin says US ‘ready to move fast’ if vaccinated for adolescents – live | American News

For 2021, much of the history of the immunization campaign was highly sought after. Emergency officials inspected dozens of nurses and volunteers, stadiums, and community centers to vaccinate thousands of people every day.

But over the past two weeks, daily immunization rates have been high in the United States and from daily 3.2m daily vaccines to 2.5m. What is happening at the national level now that health officials are looking at red flags Mississippi and Wyoming He began to see the first signs – a slowdown.

“We have started wholesale clinics across the country, and many of those clinics have worked very well for older people,” said Gary Edwards, executive director of the Salt Lake County Health Department in Utah.

However, “we have reached a point, and it is gratifying how fast the multi-clinic model has not reached the part of our population that we are trying to reach,” Edwards said.