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Baltimore Schools have gone to great lengths to “punish” misguided students.


Baltimore Schools will transfer all students to the next class, even if they are “tens of thousands” during the school year.

Baltimore Public Schools District “Creates New Rating Policy to Move Tens of Thousands of Students Who Have Lost at least One Class to the Next Level” Reported.

The move is aimed at “recognizing the struggles of students during the year of the cholera epidemic.”

“This is not about failure, but about giving unfinished education and a lot of opportunities, giving young people a lot of opportunities to finish that education,” said Sonja Santelez, CEO of Baltimore Public Schools.

Joan Dabrovsky, chief academic, added: “It is to avoid the punishment of the wrong students.”

Under the new policy, high school dropouts will be classified as “No Credit,” and students in grades two through eight will be marked “Satisfied” or “Failed” instead.

Students will receive a grade that was previously considered a failure, but will move on to the next grade.

In all these cases, we want to emphasize the word “Christmas.” It’s not over yet, there are no loans yet, ”Dabrowski told CNN.

Poor academic performance at Baltimore schools has been painful for years.

according to Public School Review, Baltimore Public Schools District had a graduation rate of 72 percent, 18 percent students math and 17 percent literacy.

By 2019, 13 percent of fourth-graders will be proficient in reading, and 15 percent will be in math.

Woreda leaders have argued that they are seeing “positive results”. Santelas He told him WJZ

While we still have to work to realize our potential successes, I believe we are now providing our students and staff with success if we focus on youth, student integrity and leadership in the district’s blueprint.

In 2017, Zero students outperformed 13 of the city’s 13 high schools Reported. In one of the six schools, one percent became proficient.

It doesn’t look like money. In the 2019-2020 school year, Baltimore received $ 19,063 per student and $ 18,784 per student. Information From the National Education Statistics Center.

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