Bangladesh: PM Hasina warns those involved in municipal violence, saying “attackers will not be spared”

DHAKA: Gives a stern warning to the perpetrators of municipal violence, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina | said that everyone involved in the attacks on Hindu temples and Durga Puja places in Cumilla will not be spared no matter what religion they belong to.
“The events in Cumilla are being thoroughly investigated. No one will be spared. It does not matter what religion they belong to. They will be hunted down and punished,” she said on Thursday, the Dhaka Tribune reported.
The Prime Minister made the comments while exchanging greetings with people in Hindu society during an event at the Dhakeshwari National Temple in Dhaka on the occasion of Durga Puja. She joined the program from Ganabhaban through a video conference.
Describing the incident of vandalizing temples in Cumilla is “very unfortunate”, she said that those who can not serve the people’s trust and have no ideology can carry out such attacks.
“We get a lot of information. We will definitely track down those who carried out the attacks … This is the age of technology,” she added.
“They must be found. We did it before and will do so in the future as well. They must be subjected to due punishment. Exemplary punishment will be given so that no one can dare to get involved in this type of event in the future,” he said. Prime Minister, the Dhaka Tribune reported.
She also urged everyone to work together and be vigilant to stop recurring such heinous acts.
She said that people regardless of caste, creed and religion celebrate all festivals together in Bangladesh and added: “Religion is for individuals and festival is for everyone and we enjoy every festival together.”
Hasina said that the Cumilla incident occurred at a time when the country was moving towards development at full speed and it aimed to hamper the journey of the nation’s exaltation and create a problem in the country.
On Wednesday, tensions erupted among a faction of locals in Cumilla after news broke on social media about the alleged desecration of holy Quran at a place in Durga Puja on the shores of Nanuar Dighi.
At one point, the situation began to get out of hand and riots began to spread to a number of Puja arenas in the adjacent areas. The local administration and police were attacked as they tried to bring order, the Dhaka Tribune reported.
Similar incidents also occurred in different districts of the country on Wednesday evening and Thursday, which led the government to deploy Border Guard Bangladesh soldiers in 22 districts along with additional law enforcement officials.
Several people have been reported killed in clashes in Chandpur, while dozens of people have either been injured in clashes or arrested by law enforcement in several districts to date.
At Thursday’s event, a Hindu community leader sought government intervention in view of the information that some people plan to attack them during the immersion of the goddess Durga’s idols on Friday.
Prime Minister Hasina said that they are aware of this issue and measures have already been taken for this purpose.
She urged the leaders of Hindu society, in particular Bangladesh Puja Udjapon Committee, to formulate a policy to determine how many Puja mandaps will be set up across the country to celebrate Durga Puja – given the limitation of security personnel to ensure the safety and security of the mandaps.
She also urged Hindu society not to regard them as a minority and perform their religious rituals with the same rights as followers of other religions enjoy as they have been born and raised in the country and fought shoulder to shoulder to liberate the country during the 1971 Liberation War.
“We believe that those born on the ground in this country and who are its children will practice their respective religions freely,” she said.
She stressed the various measures taken by her government to raise Hindu society and said that her government was determined to ensure the well-being of all, regardless of caste, creed and religion.
Hasina said that the dignity of Bangladesh has been established on the global stage when it has developed into a developing nation, adding: “We want the country to be a developed and prosperous year 2041 with dignity.”


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