bangladesh: The UN upgrades Nepal and Bangladesh to a group of developing countries

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DHAKA: Den A The General Assembly has adopted a historic resolution to graduate three nations, including Bangladesh and Nepal, from the category of least developed countries (LDC) to developing countries, an important milestone that shows the countries’ significant development progress
The YOUNG adopted the resolution at its 76th session. The three countries that received approval for the degree are Bangladesh, Nepal and the Democratic Republic of Laos. ”
“The three countries will graduate from the LDC category after an exceptionally extended preparation period of five years (the standard period is three years) to enable them to prepare for graduation while planning for a recovery after Covid-19 and “implements policies and strategies to reverse the economic and social damage caused by the Covid-19 shock,” the UN said on Wednesday.
“YOUNG adopts historic resolution to graduate Bangladesh from the LDC category. What better way to celebrate the 50th anniversary of our independence … Fulfilling national aspirations and the Prime Minister’s vision for 2021,” tweeted Bangladesh’s Permanent Representative to the UN Rabab Fatima on Wednesday.
“This is a historic milestone for the development journey in Bangladesh. This is a reflection of the progress of more than a decade. People from all walks of life are part of this success,” Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal was quoted as saying by the Daily Star on Thursday.
There are currently a total of 46 countries on the LDC list, according to the United Nations Development Policy Committee (CDP). According to the UN, a per capita income of $ 1,230 is one of the requirements for moving to a developing nation. pti


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