Barbados defends inviting the Prince of Wales to the ceremony to depose the Queen as head of state

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As the future head of the Commonwealth, he is expected to emphasize the continued ties and friendships between nations, as well as convey good wishes for its future with an elected head of state.

“We give a signal to the world”

“There are some things that are simply about diplomatic relations,” Senator Cummings said in response to local newspapers about protests.

“We are sending a signal to the world, including the United Kingdom and Commonwealth countries, that while we move away from having the Queen as Head of State, we remain a member of the Commonwealth and we recognize the importance of our diplomatic relations with Britain and its leadership.

“And that we, in the same way that we have historically also been awarded the highest awards, give a signal to the world that this transition we are making is without abandonment, it is without anxiety, without bitterness and the [the monarchy] is here to say “we support what you do and we recognize it diplomatically”.

“This is what diplomacy is about. Everyone’s friends first – that’s what we do.

“There should be and can be no problem with the presence of any member of the royal family here for this transition and any award of an award by any representative, based on the fact that we must engage the world.

“We remain 166 square kilometers, we are just under 100,000 people. We do not exist only in this world.”


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