Barclays banking DOWN: Customers say online account does not work | Personal Finance | Finance

But many have taken to social media to report that their apps are still not working and customers who were or are still affected by the app being down are encouraged to log any complaints or issues on Barclay’s website.

More than 1,000 people went to Downdetector to report the problems with thousands more who are expected to be affected by the outage.

The disruption has taken many by surprise because they needed and expected full access to their accounts this morning.

One such case, Joel Nichols, tweeted to Barclays UK Help account, saying: “My app still does not show my corporate account, only my Barclaycard. I have tried to tap Accounts as the status page suggested but it does not work – I need to access account statements ASAP for a mortgage agreement. “

In response to Barclays UK Help tweet that the app now works, but Twitter user Lindsay Hayes replied: “No, it does not! Personal accounts seem ok now but business accounts still do not work.”

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