BBC Leaders’ Debate: Beats are driven by tribes, but the outcome of the election does not change


Of today BBC Debate It was the first time that the five party leaders had a real discussion on politics.

Previous performances were boring as politicians rotated their pre-arranged speakers and key messages.

Nicola Sturgeon SNP, Douglas Ross (Tory), Anna Sarwar (Laboratory), Willie Rennie (L.D.) and Patrick Harvey (Greens) brought warmth rather than light in those early debates.

At this time, more than a day before the election, the clashes were over voter issues: care homes; Closing; And taxes.

On trips abroad, the leaders were cautious about overseas celebrations.

Sarwar, Sturgeon, and Harvey were favored by the National Care Service, but Ross and Rennie were skeptical.

Taxes opened a large distribution line.

Most parties oppose Greens, are skeptical of raising income taxes, but Ross’s plan provides tax cuts for well-to-do parties such as the MSP and parliament.

“You want to tax yourself,” said Sarwar.

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Sturgeon conspired to explode Ross in support of the “rich” tax cuts.

What happens when Indrifif 2 is up, especially if the UK government refuses another vote?

They accused Ross Sturgeon of pursuing an “illegal wild cat referendum.” I always said, Douglas. ”

Sarwar turned the fire on Ross as a gift to the SNP, who did not want to save the union.

The SNP leader was pressured by her financial policies in neutral Scotland, and Ross felt the heat on the impact on the British fishing industry.

There was little effort to save any public money to fund a new royal boat.

Unlike previous attempts to weaken Scottish politics, there was a heated debate.

But there was also a strong feeling that the excavation unit was of little use.

Five leaders were on stage, but only one was running for prime minister.

All opposition parties, including the pro-independence Greens, were united in one limitation – losing the SNP altogether.

For UK supporters, this small victory will be a shock to Indyref2.

For Harvey, no amount of SNP opens the door to a possible coalition.

Sturgeon had to lose a lot of performances tonight or a direct hit.

The fourth argument, like the previous ones, failed to open up what they had hoped for.



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