May 7, 2021


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Be careful in writing about COVID-19 discovery infections

About Bara Vida and Tara Hele

Bara Vida is the leading author of AHCJ on Infectious Diseases. An independent journalist has written extensively on health policy and infectious diseases. Tara Hale is the lead author of the medical study, leading journalists through science and research to help them translate evidence into accurate information.

Kovid-19Even after full immunization, there has been a lot of talk in the last few weeks about people infected with COVID-19. Information on “discovery infections” is important because it shows how effective the vaccines are and how effective they are for medical authorities. Block transfer And when and when Booster bullets It may be necessary.

But without the context, these stories exacerbate the perception that even if vaccinated, the risk of getting sick is still high.

According to the CDC, Definition of developmental infection In the context of COVID-19, a person is infected for two weeks or more after completing a series of approved food and drug administration vaccines.

From the beginning, development issues have been addressed. The COVID-19 vaccine is not as effective as any other vaccine. The Pfizer / BioNTech Vaccine Clinical trials were 95% more effective compared to serious illness, meaning that people who received it were 95% less likely to be infected if they were not vaccinated against SARS-CoV-2 virus. Updated Real-world information announced Linn In early April, South Africa differed and showed that the vaccine was effective (B.1.351).

Moder and has the same rate –94 percent efficiency In clinical trials: And Johnson and Johnson have a 72% success rate in American clinical trials. (It is often important for the public to remember Effectiveness of the J and J vaccine It can’t be In direct comparison They have been tested with different people at different times to MRI vaccines.

Until April 20, 45 U.S. states and territories 7,157 discovery infections were reported To disease control and prevention centers. Same day 87 million Americans They have been fully vaccinated according to the CDC. On the one hand, comparing these numbers indicates that the vaccines are more ridiculous than those seen in clinical trials – this seems to be about 0.008% of all vaccines. But to shape it that way (like Some exits Just as many vaccinated people get the virus, it is as misleading as the story itself. ”Anyway. ”

The reality is somewhere between these extremes (although it is actually close to the lowest percentage). as a CDC Notes “They represent the number of cases of complications” on their vaccination screening page General cases of people who have been vaccinated. This is because their monitoring system is relevant – it is based on government health departments that voluntarily provide information on diseases rather than actively collecting all information.

In addition, although every public health department in the United States reports all cases of vaccinated people to the CDC, the findings are small. This is because some people have unexplained symptoms and others may never be diagnosed, especially Test stages fall out All over the country.

That is, it has a reliable number (total infections) and doses (total vaccine population) that shows how low the number of people who have been vaccinated is. As these studies This one From the CDC and These Research Letters From three hospitals, you can provide a more accurate picture of the risk of developing infections So you can put them in context without overdosing or over-explaining how the vaccines work.

It is also important to note why some people develop effective infections. The CDC states that a pathogen may miss the vaccine because of the individual’s genetic make-up, or that the immune system has another basic condition that weakens the immune system. It may also determine the level of exposure to the virus or the initial response to the vaccine. The CDC Notes About 7% of productive infections were hospitalized (498 people) and 1% died (88 people), but not all of these hospitalizations and deaths were related to COVID-19.

Another reason why some vaccinated people become infected is because they were Exposed To one Variable with mutation It allows the immune system to “escape”. The three approved vaccines seem to be equally protective against the British variant (B.1.1.7), but they are Slightly less effective In South Africa, Brazil and two California. Over the past two weeks, public health laboratories have stepped up their genetic efforts to assess what should be circulating in their environment and whether these mutations are the cause of infection.

Studies show that some types of COVID-19 vaccine have been shown to be less effective. Evidence suggests that vaccines help protect against a number of well-known strains.

For the time being, the number of findings reported to the CDC is encouraging how well the vaccines are doing, but it is important for the community to understand what those numbers mean, especially as the number is likely to increase as more people get vaccinated (and more often go public).