Bearsbook: Coaches are shy about the role of former Packers DC Mike Pettine this week

bears trainer Matt Nagy he had many reasons to hire the old enemy Mike Pettine When the Packers fired him as defensive coordinator.

Pettine has overseen four NFL top-ten defenders for points allowed, can fill Nagy’s offensive flaws, and – this week is particularly important – is very familiar with the Bears’ arch-rival.

Offensive coordinator “Has a very good grasp of his people” Bill Lazor said. “The plan has changed. . . But some players’ rosters and even mindsets, I think, have great insight.”

Pettine was the Packers’ defensive coordinator in 2018-20, with their defenses 10th in points allowed, 11th in opponents’ yardage, and 12th in third-down success rate.

He’s been helpful on both sides of the ball since Nagy brought him in as a senior defensive assistant to the coordinator. Sean Desai.

Desai typically tries to say as little as possible about his plan, staff, and staff, and when asked about Pettine’s expertise with the Packers, he shifts to an executive emphasis.

“Everyone has ideas, and those ideas can come from different paths,” Desai said when pressed about Pettine. “We try to listen to everything and my job as coordinator is to reinforce that and come up with a clear vision of how we want to play this game.”

Injury concerns

Two of the Bears’ best players, defensive tackle Akiem Hicks and the recipient Allen Robinson, is out of application.

Hicks suffered an early groin injury against the Lions in Week 4 and missed Sunday’s game against the Raiders. He hasn’t trained yet since he was injured.

Robinson played 83% of his attacking moments against the Raiders and did not state his injury in a speech to the media on Tuesday, but was left off the field with an ankle injury. For three seasons, he did not miss a match due to injury.

Robinson led the Bears in the welcome area in each of his first three seasons with the Bears, placing second after the Bears. Darnell Mooney this season. He has 17 catches for 181 yards and a touchdown.

outside keeper Khalil Mack (foot) also did not train this week, but is expected to play.

Gipson’s moment

outside keeper Trevis Gipson He spent most of his rookie season on the bench, but Mack had a solid backup and Robert Quinn this season. He has two sacks, including one against the Raiders, which is surreal when he sees Mack and Quinn congratulate him from the sidelines.

“I was talking to my grandfather and telling him it was a great feeling,” Gipson said. “To see they cheer me up. . . especially if we go back two or three years, as a fan of these guys, [and now] They would cheer for me as I did for them.”

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