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Before raising a hand… – Space


Manzee mezesha one I will never be under the radar this is risto how humanity is lost to this Kenyan society.

And I don’t want to put political blame on him because that style doesn’t make any sense.

But that doesn’t mean they are innocent.

Let’s look at the KEMSA roster and put that in perspective.

Only in Kenya are covert contestants able to cast their ballots and meter meters for Gawa Oi.

Who is this idiot who has pulled the meter from us through the media before we start proposing him as a politician?

you or not me?

Ask yourself, if it were you, would you?

Just imagine a big gawa kahuna looking at you aside and making you look like a wolf camp to swim a meter?

Then this Bezenga shows you that he’ll scoop you up a meter away from that whole store…

Uningia boxy or wipy?

I don’t hide… I’ll be confused…

I would consider leaving before considering the shares of other Kenyans.

But where did we get this form?

We have put bald in front of life…

We are happy to have the patient dry the cotton so that we can recover…

We are pleased to donate to School Disaster Built by Wild Contractor so we can import doo from Constra Ganji Anji.

We are glad that the graves will be the graves of our brothers and sisters and that we will include the remains of the loot.

But whether it is far-fetched or not…

Let’s exit the match ‘Away’ and play Homeground.

Mara nagapi tushakuliya wako ganji za job…

How Often Do We Claim Your Receipts To Do?

How many times do we miss the fact that we are awake but we are by our side?… and yet at the end of the month we cry bald smart?

Radar side hustle isn’t cutting businesses…

It’s time to do business after Fom Fit Ghetty while you’re at work.

How many times do we throw our gloves on and… it’s rotto to ask for doo and get rid of pay…

If you are attracted to the wire you become a ‘customer’…

If you are found claiming to be in a cage, it is like the person who gave you your account in Switzerland…

Before we extend our hands to KEMSA boxers, let’s laugh at ourselves because we don’t beat others.

The Big Man Jesus demanded that we remove the crutches from our eyes before we claim dirt in the eyes of others.


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