Belarusian migrants: The body of a young Syrian man was found at the Polish border when Britain sends troops to help with crisis | World news

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The body of a young Syrian man has been found at the border between Poland and Belarus, which means that the death toll in the migrant crisis there is at least nine.

Polish police said on Saturday that the body had been found in woodland near the village of Wolka Terechowska.

The exact cause of death could not be determined, they added, but most of the migrant deaths at the border have been the result of hypothermia in sub-zero temperatures.

British troops have now been sent to the region to “deal with the current situation at Belarus border “, confirmed the Ministry of Defense (MoD).

It said in a statement that a “small team of armed forces” has been deployed as “Britain and Poland has a long history of friendship and is a NATO ally ”.

It is understood that the group consists of about ten engineers.

Thousands of migrants fleeing conflicts in Iraq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East have been trying to enter Europe via Belarus since the summer.

President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko accused of attracting asylum seekers to their country with tourist visas and then encouraging them to enter its three EU neighbors illegally.

Migrants walk along the border between Poland and Belarus on Friday.  Image: AP
Migrants walk along the border between Poland and Belarus on Friday. Image: AP

Poland, Latvia and Lithuania have strengthened their borders with thousands of soldiers in an attempt to stop the new migration route.

Mr Lukashenko is believed to be seeking revenge for devastating European sanctions imposed after he won national elections last year.

The vote was widely considered false, with violence and threats provoking mass protests across the country.

Belarus’ ally, Russia, says the EU should pay the non-member state to help deal with the migrant crisis, similar to what it did with Turkey in 2015.

Polish soldiers and police look at migrants at the border between Poland and Belarus near Kuznica, Poland, in this photo released by the Territorial Defense Forces, November 12, 2021. Photo taken November 11, 2021. Irek Dorozanski / DWOT / Handout via REUTERS THIS PICTURE HAS BEEN DELIVERED OF A THIRD PARTY
Polish soldiers patrol the border

Following a telephone conversation between the two leaders this week, the Russian president Vladimir Putin insisted that the border crisis “has nothing to do with Belarus”.

When he flew to Camp David yesterday, US President Joe Biden said the crisis was “a great concern”.

A group of Western nations signed a strong statement on Thursday, accusing Lukashenko’s regime of “endangering the lives of migrants” and trying to “divert attention from its own growing human rights abuses”.