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Belfast DIY home makeover voted one of the best in the UK during lockdown


The pair did most of the work themselves saying they wanted to bring the Mediterranean to Belfast

2020 was definitely the year of home makeovers and now a Belfast couple’s kitchen transformation has been recognized as one of the best in the UK.

Peter Irwin and Damien Curran finaghyo Kitchen Makeover ranked as runner-up Zoopla’s Best lockdown home makeover contest after being selected from hundreds of entries from across the UK.

The couple who have a dedicated Instagram account for their home interior transformations say they saw the project as a welcome distraction during the lockdown.

Peter told Happen: “We are very happy to be runners-up in this home makeover contest – we are among some of the best properties! Our home makeovers have brought us great joy and a welcome distraction during the lockdown and more time at home has enabled us to actually work We have it for us to make our home in line with our ‘natural life’.

“We can’t wait to get more rest in this now that’s done… for now!”

A visual stylist by career, it’s clear to see that Peter, 32, has a keen eye for detail and says he wanted to bring a little bit of the Mediterranean into his Belfast home.

He continued: “The Whitehome, which is our Instagram, follows the Spanish theme of our home and we aim to be eco-friendly in our decorating approach – from the reclaimed pallet cabinets to our antique stone basins We like to think that we’ve created a Mediterranean haven from which we can escape without leaving Belfast.”

Damien, 36, along with an electrician, couple by trade, completed most of the kitchen makeovers themselves, using their own skills.

Peter said: “During the kitchen renovation we did many things ourselves including underfloor heating, floor tiling, kitchen construction and customized for aesthetic purposes, stone wall installed, fireplace knocked out and plastered, appliance fitted, countertop tiling, and added fake beams “

You can see the other finalists from across the UK Here See more about Peter and Damian’s house Instagram account here.


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