Belgium 19-0 Armenia Women: Hosts easily to great victory

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Belgium's extensive victory fell just below the record victories in the World Cup qualifiers
Belgium’s extensive victory fell just below the record victories in the World Cup qualifiers

Belgium hammered Armenia 19-0 on a night when goals flew in across the women’s World Cup qualifiers.

Captain Tessa Wullaert, who spent two seasons at Manchester City, scored five for the hosts, who are third in Group F after four games.

Defender Amber Tysiak and midfielder Tine De Caigny both scored hat-tricks, with Janice Cayman, Hannah Eurlings and Jarne Teulings scoring twice in Leuven.

Goals for Justine Vanhaevermaet and Sarah Wijnants completed the round.

Belgium’s victory, however, was not quite a record victory margin. There are four known cases of teams winning 21-0 in women’s matches – Japan beat Guam, Canada beat Puerto Rico, New Zealand beat Samoa, and Australia destroyed Western Samoa with that score, all in the 1990s.

In the meantime Northern Ireland won 11-0 out against Northern Macedonia when Simone Magill scored four and Rachel Furness snatched a hat trick.

Spain were also among the goals, beating the Faroe Islands 12-0, with Esther Gonzalez scoring four of them.



Formation 4-3-3

  • 21Evrard
  • 23catch heluweReplaced forOnziaon 73 ‘minutes
  • 4Tysiak
  • 18De NeveReplaced forLoosenon 62 ‘minutes
  • 2PhiltjensReplaced forMertenson 62 ‘minutes
  • 13EurlingsReserved in 57 minReplaced forVanmechelenon 73 ‘minutes
  • 10Vanhaevermaet
  • 6De CaignyReplaced forTeulingson 45 ‘minutes
  • 11Cayman
  • 9Wullaert
  • 5Wijnants


  • 1Odors
  • 3Not yet
  • 7Mertens
  • 8Onzia
  • 12Lemey
  • 14Vanmechelen
  • 15Teulings
  • 17Iliano
  • 19Van de Velde
  • 22Loosen

Armenia Women

Formation 4-1-4-1

  • 1Andriasyan
  • 5KarapetyanBooked in 24 min
  • 17Yeghyan
  • 3Ghazaryan
  • 22Ghukasyan
  • 4SakhinovaReplaced forBedoyanon 82 ‘minutes
  • 7AvesyanReplaced forAsatryanon 75 ‘minutes
  • 10OsipyanReplaced forJebejyanon 45 ‘minutes
  • 6Den-MegerdichianReplaced forAghababianon 45 ‘minutes
  • 20DallakyanReplaced forYeghyanon 88 ‘minutes
  • 8art


  • 2Jebejyan
  • 9Bedoyan
  • 11Ghazaryan
  • 12Harutyunyan
  • 13Khalatyan
  • 14Asatryan
  • 15Galstyan
  • 18Asatryan
  • 19Yeghyan
  • 21Karakhanyan
  • 23Aghababian

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