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Belgium recalled his wife in South Korea after slapping a shop assistant


The Belgian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday that it “became clear” that Ambassador Peter Leskauhier “cannot pursue his role in a calm manner.”

Lescouhier’s wife, Jiang Xueqiu, got into a confrontation with two shop assistants in April. Police in Seoul originally stated that he could not be prosecuted because of diplomatic immunity, but it Statement, Brussels said it was waived.

“His full cooperation with the police is guaranteed,” the statement said, adding that Jiang also “attempted to meet privately with two store employees to personally apologize for their unacceptable behavior at the store.” . “

“Now that Mrs Jiang Xueqiu has personally presented her excuses and cooperated with the police, Minister of Foreign Affairs Sophie Wilmes has decided to end the term of Ambassador Leskohier to the Republic of Korea this summer in our bilateral Is in the best interests of the relationship, “the statement added.

Lescouhier has been ambassador to Seoul since 2018. Although both he and the embassy have apologized several times for the incident, it has kept Belgium’s ties with South Korea going.

The brawl took place on April 9, with CCTV footage shared widely online, showing Jiang arguing with two store assistants after a woman asked him about the jacket, which he had mistakenly Had assumed that he would have stolen it.

The employee, who wished to remain anonymous, previously told CNN that she did not understand Jiang and tried to look at the label inside the jacket. When he encountered Jiang on the street outside the shop, he noticed that the jacket was not from the shop. He apologizes and comes back inside, but Jiang chases him.

In the video, Jiang can be seen making an angry gesture and slapping a clerk in the face before slapping him. A photo shared with CNN showed the woman had a large red spot on her face.

The employee said, “We can understand his anger, but it does not justify his violent behavior.” He said the slapping woman had a ringing in her ear and was “mental anguish”.

James Griffiths of CNN contributed reporting from Hong Kong.


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